Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dr. Fruitfly Gets His Ass Handed to Him on a Naturally Chilled Canadian Platter

I know that we usually bitch and moan about fembots, but I think it's really important for us to step back for a moment and recognize that there is something bigger going on here than just feminism attacking Western Civilization. And no, I am not going to try and tell you about Freemasonry or the Protocols of Zion or something like that. If you are interested in that, there are plenty of sites out there that pay lots of attention to such theories. "Save the Males" is a good place start: What we really have to start acknowledging, however, is that this battle is far bigger than just feminism.

Is it a conspiracy?

Who cares!

If you knew that a bunch of men got together under the guise of something called the "Manhatten Project" to develop a device that would cause untold physical destruction on Earth, then studied it a little bit to find out about it - and then noticed that your neighbor was carting detonation devices and weapons grade uranium into his garage, would you give a crap if he was part of a conspiracy?

And herein lies the truth: 21 men who were experts on psychology, sexology, politics and a variety of other academic practices were chosen to study together at the Marxist's Frankfurt School. They spent a decade intensely studying the specific question of how to destroy a society! They set about to discover how to create a "social nuclear bomb." That this was their intention is of no doubt, as even a cursory investigation by a newcomer to the whole idea of Cultural Marxism will resoundingly reveal this as fact - along with their specified targets and their plans on how to destroy them. This is not conspiracy "theory" - this is verifiable fact.

Therefore, when we look around in society and see the very targets these men identified being attacked in the precise manner these men suggested would be the most effective in destroying them... well, who cares if it is a conspiracy! All the elements for the Social Nuclear Bomb are being put together and we should be not just be suspicious - We should be alarmed and jolted into action!

So, I would just like to point out that the Cultural Marxism we face with feminism is exactly the same enemy that presents itself in other areas of our society like multiculturalism, anti-religiousness and even environmentalism. Yes, Rob wipes his ass with spotted owls! The fact is however, that when one starts researching the environmental movement, we see that they are using the same tactics that feminists use. EXACTLY! That many environmentalists preach that in order to save the environment we must abolish private property should definitely make your commie-sense start to tingle.

Let's also remember that in the 1970's we were going to die from Global Cooling, and in the 80's & 90's the hole in Ozone Layer was going to fry us, and then the push came on to tell the world that Global Warming is going to wipe us out. These people are pushing a Marxist agenda and are using the same "half-truth" methods we are so familiar with in regard to feminism.

Recently the United Nations held their conference on Global Warming and decided that it was certainly man-made.

There are not just one or two scientists who refute this nonsense, but there are THOUSANDS of them. They, however, don't get reported on in the media, just like men's voices never get heard in regard to the "battle of the sexes." They are fighting the same war as us - and they deserve our support!

John Christy, a climatologist from the University of Alabama is just one of the many thousands.

"But University of Alabama at Huntsville climatologist John Christy, a climate expert on whom I have relied for years, makes some interesting observations about the Arctic Council's report. "If you look at the long term records, the Arctic has been as warm or warmer than it is today," says Christy. He cites temperature data from the Hadley Centre in the UK showing that from 70 degrees north latitude to the pole, the warmest years on record in the Arctic were 1937 and 1938. This area is just slightly above the Arctic Circle.

Furthermore, those same records show that the Arctic warmed twice as fast between 1917 and 1937 as it has in the past 20 years. After 1940, the Arctic saw a big cool-down and climatologists noted sea ice expanding in the northern Atlantic. Christy argues that what he calls the Great Climate Shift occurred in the late 1970s and caused another sudden warming in the Arctic. Since the late 1970s there has not been much additional warming in the region at all. In fact, on page 23, the Arctic Council Assessment offers very similar data for Arctic temperature trends from 60 degrees north latitude—the area that includes most of Alaska and essentially all of Greenland, most of Norway and Sweden, and the bulk of Russia.

Interestingly, the recent increase in temperatures in Alaska and Siberia seem to have coincided almost simultaneously with a shift in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) in the late 1970s. Could this be part of Christy's Great Climate Shift? Swings in the PDO occur on 30 to 40 year time frames, and the most recent one brought warmer currents flowing north to the coast of Alaska. The Assessment does note that "several important natural modes of variability that especially affect the Arctic have been identified, including the Arctic Oscillation, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and the North Atlantic Oscillation. Each of these can affect the regional patterns of such features as the intensity and tracks of storm systems, the direction of prevailing winds, the amount of snow, and the extent of sea ice."

That paints quite a different story from the ceaseless left wing media bombardment that we have recently been forced to endure here in Canada. I don't know how it was reported elsewhere in the world, but here it was as important as if an asteroid were going crash into earth tomorrow morning. All of the media told us how we could better save the environment and made a huge deal out of it.

I decided to solve the environmental problem by turning off the TV.

It really is horseshit. Check out this site from the late John Daly, a men who dedicated himself to fighting these lying turkeys, much as we dedicate ourselves to fighting the stupidity of feminism. Mr. Daly, by the way, concludes over and over that environmentalism is entirely politically motivated and has little to do with actual concern about the environment. Just like how we all know that feminism has nothing to do with "equality."

This whole site is filled with great info, but the first thing you see which is quite striking is this picture:

The 1841 sea level benchmark (centre) on the `Isle of the Dead', Tasmania. According to Antarctic explorer, Capt. Sir James Clark Ross, it marked mean sea level in 1841. Photo taken at low tide 20 Jan 2004.Mark is 50 cm across; tidal range is less than a metre. © John L. Daly.

Yes indeed, in 166 years the earth has warmed to such incredible levels that the ocean most certainly is rising!


Of course, Canada's biggest Eco-Warrior is Dr. Fruitfly, David Suzuki - or Dr. Suskooki. This man is an asshole in the first degree, and coming from a pretty big asshole such as Rob Fedders, who even once met the man, that says a lot!

Of course, Suskooki is a major supporter of Canada adhering to the Kyoto Protocol. Something that is truly stupid and which the new Conservative Government rightly reneged on. Kyoto would completety destroy Canada's economy - but of course, why would a Marxist give a shit about that? Those promoting Kyoto have been forced to admit that even if all of the goals of Kyoto somehow could be met, it would only cause 1/2 of one degree of difference after 20 years - and they admit it is just a starting point for all of the radical changes that must take place. If you start reading what these guys want, you will find them advocating for revolutionary change and a new kind of human in tune with the environment.


Here is something interesting about Dr. Fruitfly which illustrates in spades how much environmentalists behave exactly like feminists. From "Angry in the Great White North:"

The Poll David Suzuki Doesn't Want You to See


And of course, David Suzuki is not above targeting children with his biased, false messages - kind of like... who were those people again... they have vaginas & funny haircuts...

David Suzuki vs. a Terrorist: A Difference of Degree


Yes, Steve Janke from "Angry in the Great White North" despises this man about as much as I do:

According to David Suzuki, Kyoto Targets are Always Achievable




I tell you, this whole Global Warming Hoopla we've been subjected to by the United Nations and the MSM smacks of a couple of other hoaxes we are familiar with:


Let's not let ourselves get blinkered into thinking we are the only ones out there! The question is, why are there so many people who are fighting Cultural Marxism who cannot seem to ally themselves together in an effort to get rid of this evil in our society.


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