Saturday, March 10, 2007

Laughing My Ass Off!

Captain Zarmband has a You-Tube video posted at his site that is hilarious.

It is a 911 recording of Uccelline, from a Cuckoo's Nest, demanding that the State come on over and practice a little totalitarianism on her behalf, because she is a member of the Pink Proletariat.


I know it's not nice to pick on people who are "politically challenged," like Uccelline & her clucking flock, but...

I am annoyed that she picked a fight with the MRM and accused us of all sorts of things, then when I answered her arguments IN SPADES, with irrefutable evidence, she said that I was just trying to get attention and started banning my comments.
Totalitarianists cannot function without widespread use of censorship. And they certainly haven't got a hope in hell of being able to put forth a conscise argument in defence of their supremacist notion of "greater good," or rather "freedom through slavery."

My responses:

I know that I've already plucked the wings off the fly that is Uccelline, but I see some people from her twisted little coven are still surfing on over here to read.

What I would like to point out, is how truly EVIL people like Uccelline are - and how completely damaging it is for society to allow these nonsensical people to continue with this twisted charade. When confronted with irrefutable evidence that she is pushing a fully Marxist agenda, she prefers to silence not with an intelligent rebuttal, but rather with insults and shaming talk - and absolutely refuses to acknowledge she has been a useful idiot advocating for a truly sinister plot.

She is not "misguided."

She knows what the score is.

And she has no intention of stopping, in spite of the evidence before her.

Pure Evil!

Yes, this fly has no more wings, but I may keep it around so I can play with it from time to time.