Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Books

I guess you guys have noticed that I’m publishing a few of the “books” of some people from within the MM. Many of you have probably read them already. These guy’s names or their ideas keep popping up from time to time as they have written some really thought provoking stuff. They come from NiceGuy’s Forum where they have an excellent collection of posts under their “Best of” section. They have slowly been getting around more and more in “book form.” What I’d like to do is print them off in a numbered form, and then leave it together as a real “book,” but one where it is very easy to link these numbered concepts with a direct link within the No Ma’am blog so, that they are easily available to refer to.

Bonecrkr has been making the rounds as a book already, and Philalethes’ has written some amazing essays of his ponderings. Neither Bonecrkr nor Philalethes are active online anymore and most of these were written several years back already. And everyone in the MRM knows Zenpriest’s words… The ideas these gentlemen have put forth to others are some of the core philosophical principles that have been circulating around the web in regard to the MM. There are many, many more that have contributed and I’m sure if you asked any of these men, they would say that they got their ideas from reading other men’s ideas. That’s how our collective consciousness works, I suppose. We build off eachother’s ideas in the search for truth.

So, for the next few months, I’m going to print off one of their ideas/concepts each day, set by timer. Then when they are done they will be put together as a book on a section of my blog, the way I have a quotation library at the bottom of my blog. In order to create that one, I had to declare spring cleaning, but, I think just posting one of these fellows a day will be much better. Of course, I’ll be adding my own writing & posting in between. I’ve always really liked the theory of all of this stuff and how it relates into creating societies and civilizations etc. and I’ve often wished that I could quickly link to one of the specific ideas I got from these guys… .