Saturday, June 26, 2010

Philalethes #5 - Women's Use of Power

I feel that the main error [the forum] made was to have a woman administrator taking part in major changes in policy.

Indeed; this turned the forum into just another elementary-school classroom presided over by Miss Wormwood, an environment which few American males remember with pleasure. Not surprising that some apparently (I didn’t see the forum, all I know is what I’ve read about it here) responded by behaving like children — thus sadly providing yet more self-fulfilling prophecy for the feminist view of men.

The truth is, it is women’s use of the power they already have, as mothers, caretakers and teachers of the young, that determines the character of a culture. American women have decided, wherever in consciousness it is that such decisions are made, that they prefer their men to be perpetually children, because children are not in control of themselves, and thus — some of the time, anyway — easily controlled. The rest of the time, unfortunately, they are merely out of control; but this is a price that feminists seem to be willing to pay — since offensive male behaviour (including serious violence) “proves” that they are “right” about men.

The alternative would be to have developed, grown-up, adult men. Such men, masters of themselves, would not behave in the childish manner apparently exhibited by the offending posters on the forum (or here, for that matter — and the rants do not amuse me). But they also would not be easily controlled and manipulated by women.

This is the choice faced by women in every human culture; they can have whatever kind of man they want, but it takes adult women to realize that they need adult men.

My response to feminism remains simple: Where do men come from? If you don’t like the product, talk to the producer.
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