Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Philalethes #20 - Chivalry

Quote: There is no longer anything noble about chivalry. It is just a forum for the devaluation of males.

Sorry, I don’t agree. The problem is not the courtesies men show to women, the problem is that many women have dropped their side of the ancient bargain. A culture in which all relationships are based on total egotism and savage competition cannot last.

“How do porcupines make love? Very carefully.” But at least they do it; otherwise there’d be no little porcupines.

The ancient bargain is, in essence, this: mothers care for and protect their sons, who grow up to care for and protect their wives, and the cycle repeats. Both must do their part for it to work, and for human society to survive. But mothers have the ultimate power to define, or redefine, the arrangement; however, even they cannot contravene natural law. Natural law is, in essence, the Golden Rule: you get what you give. And, your creation cannot be other than what you create it to be. And, your creation’s character will be a reflection of your character. This is what women need to get straight.
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