Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philalethes #25 - You Can Have as Much Freedom as You Are Willing to be Responsible For, But No More

... Basically it comes down to the lesson my father taught me: that freedom and responsibility come together, that I could have as much freedom as I was willing to be responsible for, but no more.

Having broken the marriage contract and declared her “independence” and full capability to be the head (as well as the heart) of the family, woman should be held to her words. If she is the head of the family, she should provide its support, as man did when he was its head. If she is unwilling to render her part of the traditional exchange between the sexes, man should not be required to contribute his part either.

But of course, in the present circumstances, this will never happen.

When it comes to questions of responsibility, woman makes Ronald Reagan (the “Teflon president”) look like Uncle Remus’s Tar Baby. Woman’s unwillingness (perhaps even inability) to acknowledge responsibility for her own power, even as she uses it ruthlessly and without restraint, is the fundamental psychosis of the human species, which may well lead to our total self-destruction.

The concept of “fairness” is not native to the female mind. To a man, “fairness” is a check on personal greed: “what’s fair” means getting less than the most I may want, so that everyone may have some. To a woman, “what’s fair” means “I get what I want”; if she doesn’t get what she wants, it’s “not fair.” Add unchecked political power to this kind of “thinking,” and you have — well, what we have.

This is why the 19th Amendment was the direct road to our present matriarchal totalitarian collective. American women were “given” the same political power as men, but not required to shoulder men’s responsibilities. They have freedom without responsibility, otherwise known as “license.” According to the law dictionary, “license” is “permission to do what would otherwise be unlawful” — in essence, to exercise freedom without being held responsible for the consequences. Men created a society of laws to enforce responsibility and thus allow freedom; the modern matriarchy has turned it into a society of license. Notice how nowadays you have to get a license for everything?

Human life entails an unavoidable internal contest, between our nature-as-given from our animal antecedents, and our potential as creatures of reason. Insofar as we are ruled by the former, we are no more than extra-clever chimpanzees, subject to the same endless round of suffering birth-and-death as all the other dumb creatures. However, we can escape that fate if we are willing to use our reasoning capacity and subject our behaviour to its rule.

The ability to reason is certainly present in the female mind; woman, after all, is the human species, man is merely a variation on her theme. However, where man has an incentive to develop his reasoning capacity, because he lacks woman’s overwhelming natural power, woman, possessing that power and using it, usually without conscious thought, does not have such incentive. Or at least, she “thinks” she doesn’t.

Nature is utterly practical; she wastes no energy she can avoid spending. So long as woman, fundamentally a creature of Nature (the very same Goddess feminism worships), can get what she wants without subjecting herself to the discipline of conscious thought, she will continue to take everything she can — even if, like a horse that’s got into the oats, she eats herself to death. On her own, she doesn’t know any better.

This is why a matriarchal political system cannot lead us to a better world; why, indeed, the matriarchy of the dim past (so celebrated in feminist myth) gave way to the patriarchal system that created civilization — including all the conveniences women now take for granted, as well as the very concepts of equality and fairness (entirely products of the male mind) they use to wrest ever more privileges from cowed and bewildered men.

Perhaps our present headlong dive into chaos can be averted, but only if, and when, women themselves decide they want to change course. For it is always women’s natural power that decides our collective fate. Girls do indeed “rule”; boys, as always, can only give them what they want — if we have anything to do with them at all. We cannot make the fundamental decision, because we don’t have that power; after all, it is women who make men, not vice-versa. If we don’t wish to participate in the collective self-immolation, we can only withdraw and turn away — as many men have done in the past.

We can take charge if they ask us to — which is essentially what happened some 10,000 years ago, when women decided (unconsciously, but nevertheless it was their decision) they wanted something better than “grass huts” to live in, and put men in the driver’s seat so we could create civilization for them. Now they seem to have decided that we’ve given them what they wanted, and they can take over again and run it for themselves. I don’t think this will work; cell phones and SUVs or no, women have not changed that much in the last ten millennia. I can point this out — and get blasted, as I have been — but there’s not much more I can do to affect the situation; they have the power.

We can’t take them on head-on; in that arena their power is overwhelming. The only thing that’s likely to get their attention is a wholesale departure, a turning-away, a refusal to cooperate. There are ways to avoid the crushing burden of modern “fatherhood” as defined by the matriarchal court system. Unfortunately, to do so requires a man to betray his own best self-image: to become, in the short term at least, as irresponsible as women. And accept without complaint the shame women will heap on them for doing so — this very shaming being one of their principle means of exercising power over men.

Naturally, few men are able to think their way through to the long-term wisdom of such a strategic retreat, despite its obvious logic: for if women are absolutely morally superior to men, then men should follow their example, and do our best to behave like them. Notice the general moral collapse of our culture; where before at least lip-service was paid to concepts of honour and responsibility, now it’s positively fashionable to take everything you can, and too bad for the loser who’s fool enough to restrain his greed.

In the end, all this will happen anyway, as our civilization collapses under the weight of feminist irrationality and avarice, and we return to those grass huts. Which women will rule as absolutely as they have always ruled the home, their natural realm of power. You go, grrrl!

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