Monday, August 16, 2010

Philalethes #22 - Don't Tell Me the Truth; You'll Hurt My Feelings!

... I wish to clarify that I certainly do not oppose responding to what cries for rebuttal, only that I feel how such response is done is important. Cowshit should be identified as such, but constantly “taking offence” makes us look like thin-skinned sissies, and does not encourage women, feminist or not — or anyone else — to respect us.

Feminists already hold us in contempt; women who might be inclined to respect us will do so only if we act like men.

If we support creating an environment where everyone must tiptoe around to avoid “offending” anyone, we have already lost to the abuse of female power — “Don’t tell me the truth; you’ll hurt my feelings!”

A meaningful, useful dialog between the sexes requires that men be men, not merely half-assed copies of women. Sure, I have feelings, but if we’re engaged in discussion in order to determine the truth (and I don’t see any other reason to bother), then my feelings are irrelevant, and should not be brought into play. If the truth “offends” me, that’s my problem; if it’s not the truth, why should I be “offended”? If I say it’s a lie, it’s because it’s a lie, not because it “offended” me.
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