Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Pook #55 - "SS is AFC"

This is EXCELLENT! xblitz44x, I want to use your post to illustrate a point.

DISCLAIMER: One can learn a lot with speed seduction. You can learn how to be more at ease with talking to them (since women are more comfortable with talking about feelings then anything intellectual), and good to give a starting point of 'how-tos' when you deal with women.

That said, my issue with SS has always been the SPIRIT of SS: that it destroys the Man within to turn you into a Metamorph to fit the woman's lust. (Yet, SS has the vanity to think that it is altering the woman!)

"So everytime she moves, you move. Try to mirror her breath frequency and depth."

Your body behavior has become reactive.

"a conversation, try to use these words as much as you can, so that her sub-conscious will pick up on it and realize that they must be important to you too. But repeating these words back to her, she will think that you sincerely understand her and can relate to what she is talking about."

Your vocabulary has become reactive.

The most important part of seduction IMO, is demonstrating your value. If you approach a woman, and she blows you off, or if she never returns your calls, or if she turns you down for a date, you have not shown her the VALUE that you can provide to her.

This is true in that you are THE PRIZE TO BE WON and that she is after to CATCH YOU.

But notice that with this you now cease to be Man and become reactive of values based on WOMAN'S RESPONSE. Gone is integrity! You want to create the 'values' that WORKS toward her lust. Thus, the manner of these 'values' are all going to react to her lust.

When you are Eliciting Values, you are finding out what is important to her, what SHE values, transforming into a man that can give her that, and finally providing her with it.

No longer are you a Man! Now you are a Shifter! You are bending yourself towards what she wants. (This is the Average Frustrated Chump that ceases to be frustrated. Notice that he is still a chump.)

Now, if you were merely to pick out common things she said and leap on those to build a common ground, that would be one thing (which is called 'good conversation skills'). But the entire SPIRIT of this SS is based entirely in HER eyes, how SHE must see you, how SHE must percieve you.

From this conversation, I've discovered that she likes to feel a little in danger. She loves the excitment of living on the edge. From this you should TRANSFORM yourself into a man that can provide her with these feelings that SHE VALUES!

Not only are you to TRANSFORM yourself, you are to PROVIDE HER those feelings she LUSTS for. This is the Social Dildo who's social behavior is geared only toward tapping female lust (which itself is fine but triggering her lust TRUMPS your own values. You are to be transformed).

Most women believe they are living their own fairytale and are searching for the male star. In order to become that male star, you must bring it to her attention that you two have a lot of things in common and it is amazing to connect with somebody on such a level.

To become that male star! Now you live for HER fantasy!

After you've done this a few times, say something along the lines of:

"Can you remember what it felt like when you were in front of somebody that you maybe just recently met, but it feels like you've known this person for ever? You feel yourself start to relax, and open up to him because it seems so natural, as if we connect on some deeper level? With me, I don't think it can be forced, but when it does happen, it feels amazing"

First, your body behavior became reactive. Then your vocabulary. Then your values and character. Now your speech is to sound like a banquet of fluffy words all arranged to reflect her own lust back to her.

If you want her to feel horney, you could say something like this:

"My brother just called me, he just lost his virginity this weekend and he was asking me for tips. Remember back when you were younger, and you had this one lover that could always do things to your body that would send tingles dancing down your spine, and could cause butterflies to tickle your belly. This person would penetrate you with his thoughts and just his presence along caused tingles to run down your arms, to the ends of your finger tips."

If all goes well, she will feel the tingles as I describe them. She has to feel them now to compare them to see if she's ever felt them in the past.

Now you are talking like a girl! Anyone who is around women consistantly know that all they talk about is sex, sex, and everything surrounding sex.

Getting phone numbers is emphasized WAY too much on this board. As great as it feels to get phone numbers, rarely does it ever pan out into a fvck.

Because this board is not a satellite of speed seduction; there are countless boards and discussion areas for that.

Women love to fvck. This is 100% true. Women love to fvck just as much as men do.

I would say that women love to 'fvck' MORE than men. In fact, women's entire consciousness revolves around the axis of sexuality.

However, to prevent themselves from feeling like a slut, you must create a real or superficial relationship with her INSIDE OF HER MIND before she'll fvck you.

Have I not said that women are entirely sexual BY DEFAULT and their concern is not that they are sexual but on how EVERYONE ELSE percieves it?

Did I not say that Speed Seduction absolutely does NOTHING to truly 'seduce' her but only bring down the social/reputation dam that keeps women's sexuality from flooding everything and anyone? Here is the confirmation.

Women will have sex left and right but that fear of 'slut' behavior stops them and frustrates them.

In other words, women hate virtue and will despise purity. Thus, there are no true 'innocent' girls.

She'll fvck you if you show her it's ok to do so.

Well well! She will do you (or anyone with a 'value') as long as you show her its 'ok'! What is romance to a woman but license to act all the things she wants?

So here lies a mystery. SS pats its own shoulder by saying, "With this knowledge you will influence and alter women's behavior." Yet, it is admitted that women WILL have sex very freely as long as that frame of mind (slut fear) is in place and so you must tear that down (which only we can because MEN create the boundaries of society).

So why does SS believe that it is altering women when it is merely showing them that it is all 'ok'?

My answer: vanity. Men want to believe they are sex gods that flip women to them like cards. But as we see, it is women who are ultimately in control with SS. The SSer takes the reactive position.

Now what has the Man become after all this? He is reacting to how her body behavior, to her speech, to her vocabulary, to her values, to her dreams, and so on. Has he not merely become a boy-toy? I mean, what more CAN he be!?

Now, if I made any mistakes in the above, do tell me. Error or vanity has never been my objective.

Just as hard as it was to face the truth of our past AFC/Nice Guyness, so shall seeing the underpinning of SS take similiar courage.

Now, I have one more question. If SS is truly reacting and 'transforming' one's self to the woman and her dreams...

Is the SSer truly making love to her or is she merely masturbating herself using him as the physical object? After all, he uses her vocabulary, has her values, acts like she does, and talks like a woman.

Is this the essence of Speed Seduction?

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