Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pook #36 - As You Think, You Shall Become

Exactly. It is not putting forth a 'spell' on them or controlling them. It is a matter of controlling yourself.

Your destiny depends on what you think. As you think, you shall become. And so long as you think, so long you remain free.

I hate classifications but this one is needed to carry forth the point:

Nice Guy

This guy is still acting like a chick, like a henid. He is feeling her. He is in the orbit of the hot chick and FEELS so 'mystified' by her. The Nice Guy is boring but he never realizes this, because he feels 'so good' by being around the hot chick. This is why the Nice Guy keeps doing his stupid dinner dates and stays consistently boring.


This guy knows how stupid the Nice Guy way is, and strives to CONTROL the chick. He aims at rapport and 'creating attraction'. He is trying to CREATE FEELINGS in the chick. This has a natural glass ceiling because you cannot be 'creating feelings' forever, especially when it comes to a relationship and can't hide behind mystery and distance any longer. This guy is still at GROUND ZERO. He is not in the negative world of the Nice Guy, but he still hasn't understood the role Nature has. This path leads only to vanity, never love.

Don Juan

The historical Don Juan was a man who led a victorius naval battle. He would later run off and go after the Princess of Aragon (I believe).

The Nice Guy is drunk with his feelings. The Player keeps thinking of CONTROL and POWER over the chick's feelings. The Don Juan gives off feelings, unconsiocusly; he is a sexual light in the world the women flock to.

The Nice Guy mythologizes the woman. He turns her into a goddess.

The Don Juan mythologizes himself. He turns himself into a demi-god.


The players, seducers, etc. are caught in between. They still don't understand the power of imagination. In fact, they BLAME imagination for them being a Nice Guy. Now, they swear they are going to live only in 'reality'.


People always ridiculed me because I placed so much emphasis on what is going on in your MIND. But that is where the battle is. Start thinking sexual, even if you aren't changing your BEHAVIOR or doing any TACTICS, and women will respond differently. Why? No one, not Ross Jefferies, not ASF, not DeAngelo (a letter commented on this and he was mystified), no one understands it. It is a sixth sense. (No philosophy understands this either. Not Weineger, not the Greek philosophers, no one. The only people who seem to understand it are the poets.)

And with this seed of thought in your mind added with the soil of action, a cascade of reactions will occur. You will slowly change physically, mentally, emotionally, and, dare I say it, spiritually. You are in a new world, a true brave new world where imagination is used properly (not as some entertainment).

And this is how you unite Dream and Day.

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