Monday, August 25, 2008

Achilles Heel

The biggest problem that I think we are facing as men and as a civilization, is that Marxism has never really been defeated. It is more of an ideological religion of humanism (man can defeat nature & create a Heaven on Earth), not particularly a form of government. It is quite a bloody system because it messes with people's minds and perceptions so much - and that is the real problem. Look at what happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union - many of the people wanted the old system back because they just did not know how to live without it anymore. They had an altered sense of reality.

Feminism/Political Correctness is, of course, a form of Marxism and it works in the same way that Economic Marxism works - it screws with the population's perception of reality and causes radical polarizations which are then played against eachother to remove the freedoms of all the people. We should be able to see this even within the MRM. A lot of what is going on is basically the people screeching for "equality." I am so tired of hearing people declare their never dying devotion to "egalitarianism." Equality is the disease, not the answer. If there is an apple and orange, how can you make them equal? Or, if there are two trees, one is 30 feet tall an the other is 40 feet tall, please tell me how you are going to make them "equal."

I cringe at the word "equality." It doesn't matter if feminists are screaching for equality or the MRM is screaching for equality. Equality is the disease, not the answer.

Are we not becoming like those in the former Soviet Union who wanted the old system back because they had been so mind-f*cked that they couldn't figure out how to live any other way? This is what Marxism does, it changes the people's perception of reality into polarizing opposites, which are then worked against eachother to increase the power of evil organisms like Government, NGO's, Academia, the Media etc., while at the same time reducing the power of the individual - all in order to achieve "equality." We keep arguing and arguing, demanding more for ourselves, while the fembots also demand more for themselves - lol! Well, the government will gladly give it to us both, and in doing so will remove more freedoms from a significant portion of the population. And we will be glad to get it, until we see how these assholes in the government will pervert it into something we didn't intend.

Think about Shared Parenting. Great Concept? Well, basically it will be done "for the children," but look a little further down the road. It will increase the legitimacy of the corrupt family court system, the no-fault divorce industry, the slime ball lawyers, the interfering social workers etc. etc. The government will be able tell both men and women what days and during what hours they are allowed to see their children. Think about that! Some asshole judge telling both you and your ex that on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday your ex-wife gets to see the kid, and you get to see the kid from 9:00am Thursday morning to 10:00pm Saturday night. Sunday is for the Marxist Youth Camp, I suppose.

But of course, it will be in the "best interest of the child" to only attend one school, rather than two. What will happen then if you lose your job and need to move to another city? Well, you will have to go to court to beg a judge to alter your "shared parenting arrangement." But, why should they allow this? You cannot just "give up" your responsibility. That is not "equal." You cannot just slough it off to your ex-wife and go back to the present day custody/support situation because you need to find work in another town. So, either your ex-wife gives up her job and follows you to another town or the judge will deny you your right to freely move about within the country. What if the ex-wife is now married to your ex-bestfriend who was banging her behind your back when you were married? How does he fit into the picture? Can he not get a job in another town as well because that would take away from you and your ex-wife's shared parenting obligations? Nope, he will be roped down and actually attached to you in just the same way you are attached to him.

There are hundreds of scenarios that could come out of this. Giving the government more power over our lives is not the answer.

You know what would be better than spending 10 years lobbying and begging the government for shared parenting? Attacking and destroying the concept of "No-fault Divorce," that's what. Think of all of the things that would fall if that happened. Family courts, lawyers, government, social workers etc. would lose power instead. Hey, if you got to bitch and moan at something for a decade, let's make it something that kills 10 or 20 birds with one stone, rather than being fooled into empowering our enemies by giving them what they want (more power).

Now, the only thing what I can see which will hurt this reality altering beast is... Marxist techniques themselves.

I'm talking about unleashing Marxism & Critical Theory on the foundational arguments of Marxofeminism itself. Think about it.

Over the past few posts I have been making some general points that are all related.

Point #1: Critical Theory has been used to destroy the foundations of society such as marriage and the family unit, among many others.

Point #2: Whether it is right or wrong matters very little in a Democracy. All that matters is the opinion of 51% of the people.

Point #3: Perceptions of reality are controlled by language moreso than the effectiveness of any argument. You can create or deconstruct an idea that will be accepted by the general population simply by word/language manipulation.

Point #4: All of Marxofeminism is based on the Dialectical - ie. a foundational argument with a pre-determined outcome makes a precedent upon which many, many other arguments are based upon. We keep fighting the top arguments, but there are too many of them that keep cropping up.

So, what becomes obvious is that Marxofeminism is nothing more than a house of cards. It is all based on a few foundational arguments. We keep fighting the arguments at the top while leaving alone the foundational argument at the bottom. If you take out the foundational argument, you will set the stage for all the other arguments to disappear if you knock out the foundational/precedent setting argument at the bottom. And they will disappear naturally. The general population will do this for us if we get rid of the foundational argument.

For example: If you get rid of the notion of "Gender is a social construct," and replace it in the general populace's perception with "Gender is either a biological, or psychological, or social construct," that will be enough to topple all of the subsequent arguments built on that foundational argument. Yes it will take time for that to happen, but it will only be a matter of time before some guys in college challenge the courts on Title IX laws which are based on the "old" notion of "gender is a social construct" and say, "Hey, but isn't that based on a Biological Construct, which causes the Psychological Construct upon which the Social Construct is based?" And those laws won't have a leg to stand on.

Now, we can argue, and argue and argue. And these arguments are all good, but, it will only reach a small portion of the population to whom these arguments are intriguing enough to spend the time reading and understanding. In order to effect a real change, the general population's perception has to be altered without their even really thinking about it. The best way to do that is with language manipulation.

Look at how they did it to us in regard to heterosexuality, marriage & the family:

- Marriage/families have been redefined as "traditional marriages/families." By default, this opens a person mind to realizing there are other kinds of families than the "traditional."

- It is politically correct to refer to one's "life partner," rather than "husband and wife" which opens the mind to other kinds of relationships than the heterosexual.

- "Single Mom & Gay Marriages" are being declared "equal" to traditional families, even though they obviously are not.

- "No Fault Divorce" is a false statement which leads the populace's mindset away from the truth that it is really "Man Fault Divorce 100% of the time."

- The indicator of "Sex," which only allowed for Male or Female, was replaced with the word "Gender," thus allowing for the inclusions of Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered which create the foundations to "divide" sexuality & marriage.

So... why can't we do the same thing to the feminidiot arguments that are the foundations of their entire sick agenda? Why can't we also divide their foundational arguments, with the intention of dividing and destroying them in the general public's mental perceptions by use of language manipulations?

For example: If one wants to fight abortion laws and the oft slyly quoted "67% of the population supports abortion," then we should divide the definition of abortion so the public says, "Abortion? WHAT KIND OF ABORTION? Birthcontrol Abortion, Incest Abortion, Rape Abortion or Maternal Health Abortion? THEN it will become naturally evident to the public that only a minority support Birthcontrol Abortion, and the "swing" is created by Incest/Rape/Maternal Health Abortions which make up a very, very small percentage of actual abortions.

We need to inject a word like "Fake Rape" into the public consciousness. Perhaps also something for "Financially Motivated Rape," or "Regret Rape," or "Excuse Rape," or "Attention Rape" etc. etc.

You get the idea.

The idea is, they have created foundational arguments with a predetermined outcome. The predetermined outcome, of course, uses the passage of MORE LAWS which remove freedoms and promote the Marxist agenda.

Our idea should be: Use their destruction methods to destroy their own foundational arguments with a predetermined outcome to destroy those arguments and cause laws to be repealed! Then "Natural Rights" will begin to appear in society again.

Is it easy? Yes and No.

It will take some time. Don't count on it happening in any effectiveness in the next couple of months or years. But it will also take 10 years of lobbying to get "Shared Parenting" to be universally accepted by the government - which will create MORE laws. In that same amount of time, the concept of "No Fault Divorce" could be attacked with Divissive Language that will change the whole concept of current divorce laws, and make things like Shared Parenting a mute point, as well as 10's if not 100's of other laws and intrusions.

Think about it. Only 2 years ago, I remember all of the forums were bristling with discussions about being called "Anti-feminist" and how to get the word "Misandry" in the language instead. Well, in that amount of time, "misandry" is already becoming accepted in the language, and , lol, people like me who didn't give a shit about being called an Anti-feminist don't even get attacked for it anymore. In only 2 years!

The internet is going to do to television what television did to the radio and we are in control of this new medium and the language it uses! How much harder is it to type a word like "Attention Rape" rather than just "Rape" as we do now?

Not much!

It is a little complicated, I know, and it necessarily is a top down manipulation because all of Marxist techniques use top down manipulations. But, as far as an Achilles Heel in Cultural Marxism, the only one I can see is that it is not immune to itself!