Sunday, August 24, 2008

OK, Winston, Start Your Two Minutes of Hate… N.O.W.!

I have to laugh at all the people that came here from to leave insulting comments on my blog.

The world may be struggling with shortages in resources, but useful idiots abound at every corner. If I could turn them into fuel, I would become a billionaire overnight!

Here are a bunch of people who very likely pride themselves on their “knowledge” of what is going on in the world, but still have not put two and two together and realized that feminism is of Marxist origins, and its purpose is to destroy the family and put in a system of tyranny where the weak rule the strong – kinda like making a society where children rule adults. Lol! You shrieking women are next. Haven’t you read Hillary’s thesis? How about the UN’s “Rights of the Child”? Think men are going to rescue you? The very men you so love to hate today? The ones you’ve kicked out of their own homes, and have stolen their very children from? The ones you offered up to state supported slavery? Think again. The plan is to separate men from families so they won’t help you when you really need it.

Totalitarian regimes know that the family is their biggest obstacle in maintaining tyrannical rule. Any moron can conquer a country… keeping it under control is a different matter altogether. Fathers who are attached to their own families are usually the ones that run the oppressors out of the country with pointy sticks. Remove men from their families, and you remove the desire of good to men to search for pointy sticks. DUH!

I notice this disease all over the place on the web. There are many excellent sites out there that document all kinds of government abuses… Prison Planet… Freedom Force etc. They are filled to the brim with excellent articles documenting the abuses being inflicted upon the people by corrupt governments, BUT, nary do they mention feminism and the state encouraged destruction of the family, inspired by evil feminists who often outright state that they want to destroy the family and destroy society and the nature of the sovereign state.

Of course, will any of these useful idiots who come here to screech “FAGGOT!” ever bother to read articles like this one, which documents how our No Fault Divorce laws are an exact replica of Russian marriage laws in the early 20th Century?

(Did you read it, you Gorgons?)

Yes indeed, Russia did so much damage to their population that during WWII, they had to abandon such insanity because they were screwing themselves even worse than the Nazis breathing fire outside the city gates. Gorbachev commented in his book that the reason why the Soviet state collapsed was because of the damage they inflicted on people’s families and close relationships in the early part of the century. 50 years after reversing such policies, they were not able to save themselves, such was the extent of the damage which they did, and which we are replicating under the name of “feminism” and “equality.”

As I mentioned in the comments, in between the 2 minutes of hate, one wonders if all of these politically correct shriekers (Did you know Political Correctness was invented by Lenin and perfected by Stalin?) also scream so loudly and hurl such hatred towards the people that produce shirts saying “Boys are Stupid. Throw Rocks at Them!”

Are they half as concerned that over 80% of teen suicides are committed by boys?

I doubt it.

I am sure that many of them giggled and tittered when they heard about Lorena & John Bobbit too. Certainly they didn’t screech and shout such vitriol at their cohorts as they do when a man asks if women invented anything.

A little perspective is in order, perhaps?

Many probably used to run around their university campuses, fueled by an estrogen high as they emphatically told men that “A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.” (By the way, Irina Dunn was the woman who coined the phrase, and she stole it from a male philosopher who stated “Man Needs Religion Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.” Oh, the irony, you mighty inventors.)

I wonder how many of these fucktards took an equal amount time which they spent hurling insults of “you must be gay, FAGGOT!” to send Barack Obamanation a nasty note when he blamed father’s for abandoning their families this past Father’s Day. How many of these useful idiots even realize that women file 2/3 of all divorces, and the number one reason is not “abuse” but rather, they simply feel bored and unfulfilled?

How many of them are equally upset about Joe Biden’s VAWA, a completely sexist, one sided law, that strips men of their constitutional rights?

How many of these Useful Idiots even understand that Obama & Biden are going to try and pass over sovereignty of the USA to the United Nations, under the entirely corrupt CEDAW and i-VAWA? Do you even understand the implications, you hate mongers? Holy Totalitarianism! And it's all being done in the name of women's equality - fueled by people like the useful idiots who feel justified in shrieking mindless insults at any man who dares say even the most trivial of negative things about the "fair" sex.

Our freedoms are disappearing daily because no-one dares speak out against feminism and its totalitarian excesses.

Why do you think they targeted women as the best group of useful idiots to crumble the institution of the family and bring in cradle to grave socialism? It’s because they knew the tendency of people to never dare to speak out against women. People like the idiots from Rense that came here to shriek mindless insults over the most trivial of things.

Useful Fucking Idiots.