Monday, August 25, 2008

What is this Apocalypse coming to? -- by Jim Untershine

If we replace the Joint Stock Trust with Health & Human Services, replace the World Bank with the American Bar Association, replace the IMF with the Family Court, and replace the underdeveloped countries with American families, we suddenly see what Joe Biden sees – A system of control whereby radical feminists pressure women to break up families to allow the Family Courts to impose an outrageous child support debt on the breadwinner of that family by any means possible (including false allegations of domestic violence). The women coaxed into these deals rarely benefit from it, and usually end up on welfare, or their children are taken into Foster Care. Meanwhile, the family breadwinner is forced into insolvency, their wages are garnished, their credit is ruined, their privileges are suspended, and they are put in Debtor’s Prison if they refuse to relinquish all of their financial resources.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded ‘Womens Lib‘ for the same reason the CIA funded ‘MS Magazine’: 1) Tax women, 2) Break up families. The CFR has completely taken control of the major media outlets preventing the American people from understanding where their Country is actually headed or the real reason many countries hate us. Every penny Americans pay to the US Treasury as taxes on their wages is paid to the Federal Reserve as interest on the National debt. Every penny spent on our government is loaned at interest by the Federal Reserve and is essentially put on our children’s tab.


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