Monday, August 25, 2008

Nihilistic Newspeaking Nitwits

The most important institution which the Cultural Marxist PC Idiots have attacked is our language. The language controls our thoughts as a society. Of course, Orwell spoke of this in 1984, refering to it as "Newspeak."

But it really is true, isn't it? If there is no word for something then we tend to think that thing doesn't exist. Likewise, a word can also be expanded upon to expand the the thoughts in the mind.

The blog "Exposing Feminism" has been making some excellent posts about how this word usage is being used against us, so I will quote a portion of one of his posts which does a good job of illustrating this:

Let’s examine the phrase ‘positive discrimination’.

Surely it follows that the phrase ‘negative discrimination’ exists also? In the absence of a clear definition of ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ discrimination, can they truly be said to exist?

The truth is that there is no such thing as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ discrimination. Both of these vague concepts need only one word - discrimination.

You can apply the same logic when breaking down the phrase ‘reverse sexism’.

These awkward, fabricated phrases have only recently come into modern usage. They are idioms constructed and designed to make you think in a certain way about particular groups of people.

How true. And they are positively everywhere. It's not an accident that these words exist. However, it can get more sinister than this. It can actually be used to destroy things when coupled with the use of Critical Theory and the Dialectical.

Let's look at how these word associations have been used to destroy the institution of marriage.

Think about the word No Fault Divorce. Clever, isn't it? The cold hard fact is that there is nothing "No Fault" about divorce in the modern day. Court decisions come down as hard on men as they would have before the days of No Fault Divorce - pretty much to the extent that No Fault Divorce means the same thing as "Man's Fault Divorce" back in the 1950's. It is a sneaky little ploy against men to call this travesty of justice "No-Fault," but the word association is very powerful. Furthermore it sounds very "equal," the very virus that has removed so many of our freedoms. Of course, at the time, the Gender Idiots from Academia, Government & the Media told us that problems within people's relationships were far to complex to be assigning blame. Yeah, right! Too bad these hypocrites don't take the same approach when assigning 100% of the blame to men in Domestic Violence Disputes. No problem assigning blame within people's relationships there, eh? Even when sick little serpents like these are bragging amongst themselves of their Criminal DV Acts against men:

Here are some more points to illustrate how language has been used to destroy the institution of marriage by the treasonous asshats in Academia, Government & the Media (the Axis of Evil):

- Why did "No Fault Divorce" get foisted upon society without any massive outcry from the public requesting such a radical change?

- Why did we redefine the physical "Male and Female Sex" as Gender? Up until only a short while ago, gender was used solely to describe the feminine or masculine in languages, as is done in French. Why do we now have "gender sensitivity" towards heterosexuality, gay-relationships, lesbian relationships and trans-gendered relationsips? Could this have been possible without the sleight of hand of redefining "sex" as "gender?"

- Why are long-term heterosexual marriages refered to as "traditional marriages/family values?" Does this not, by default, acknowledge there are different kinds of marriages/families?

- Why do we now use the phrase "life partner", even as a preference over directly saying husband and wife?

- Why is there a push (here in Canada) to have all types of "families" declared to be equal? Obviously a single mother "family" or a homosexual "family" is not equal, because they are not equally equipped to produce children. They are not "equal" except by use of direct government intervention.

- How did it become recently possible (here in Canada) to have a family declared to legally be able to have 3 parents? Yes, 2 married lesbians and one male/father have all three legally been declared parents of the same child... the worry is now directly that this has opened the door to allow for polygamous relationships - sanctioned by the state of course... Does anyone remember the Gay Activists' cry, only 2 or 3 years ago that gay "marriage" would do nothing to alter the "traditional family." All those opposing gay marriage were intolerant bigots.


But language is not only used to destroy by division, sometimes it's used to protect one's position. The Marxist institution of Feminism is also using language to divide its definition to protect itself from the inevitable onslaught that is coming from my good and angry XY comrades that compromise MGTOW, the MRM, and society in general. Feminists know what they have done, and something is happening which they fear intensely: Scrutiny of the evil lies and social engineering agenda they have been forcing upon us.

So, how do they use language to defend themselves?

Well, they have split up feminism into many different branches. We now have Gender Feminism, Equity Feminism, Marxist feminism, Eco Feminism, Racial/Ethnic Feminism, Don't Shave Armpits Feminism, Obnoxious Loud Mouth Feminism etc etc.

So, now when someone attacks feminism, the XX gender idiots can go: "But, but, I'm not one of those Marxist Feminists! I'm an equity feminist! We're not all the same!"

Yeah right!

And next week I'm travelling to New York City to give a speech to the brothers in Harlem that I'm an "Equity White Supremacist." Do you think that they should accept such retarded nonsense? I think I'd be lucky to get out of there alive.

The fact is that the very word "feminism" implies that men were, as a class, oppressing women as a class - and therefore women needed to be liberated from men. This is the very crux of Marxism itself; it needs to polarize society into separate groups and then work the interests of those groups against eachother until there is no more freedom.

All feminism is based on Marxism. Period.

If an "equity feminist" wants my sympathetic ear, the first thing she has to do is drop the word feminist from anything that describes her and then try to be a normal freakin' human being for a few years so as to prove her worth to me.

Pfft. Equity Nazis. Absurd!

But, rant off about those who maketh Rob's blood boil.

Language is also used to consolodate a whole bunch of things into one word, so that even the smallest portion of a subject gets treated as the most encompassing thing that such a word can imply.

The Societal Traitors that work in the Domestic Violence/Rape Industry are famous for this. They make infractions like shouting or arguing over finances to be construed as domestic violence and define it as such, but then sell the whole works of Domestic Violence as some 240lb asshole who comes home drunk on daily basis only to pin his wee wikkle 110lb wife down to the floor and bust her lips and nose open. The fact is, this is such a small portion of what makes up the "real" numbers these leacherous traitors keep spewing out, that there is no doubt that an immediate fraud investigation should be be launched against these women - they are, after all, cooking the books to steal money from the taxpayers. When one looks deeper at the overall agenda behind it, Treason investigations would not be out of line either. Hell, I've even seen a "study" where one Gender Nitwit from Academia cooked the books by claiming that women who contract STD's are victims of Domestic Violence because of the effects that contracting such diseases had on their psyche. Of course, DV is 100% men's fault. When men get STD's, they go into the basement of the Patriarchy's Club House and stick their penis in the STD machine, and select which affliction they prefer to abuse a woman with. But, of course, the Gender Idiots manipulate the language to imply that Domestic Violence means a women (not men) getting hit physically, and they wouldn't dream of losing the all encompassing term "Domestic Violence."

What actually is "violent" about arguing over the visa bill coming back with an $85 charge for the wife's special herbal shampoo, after she spent last weekend bitching at you that the family couldn't afford your weekend case of beer?

Anyway, there are lots of people who have been writing about this very most important aspect of Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism so I won't bore you with my take on it any longer. Except to say that I keep looking for Marxism's Achilles Heel, and I believe that I have found one - albeit a bit complicated of one - but it definitely involves language.