Friday, August 08, 2008

Father's 4 Justice Protest in Canada, NDP Leader, Jack Layton's Office

Woohoo! Give 'em hell, boys!

Global News
Published: Friday, August 08, 2008 2:34:02 PM

The suspect dressed as 'Spiderman' has surrendered peacefully to police. The other suspect being addressed as, 'Plywood Man' remains on the roof of the building.

1:26:08 PMPolice are on the scene of a roof-top protest at Jack Layton's riding office at 221 Broadview Ave. A man dressed as Spider-Man is on the roof of the building trying to bring attention to father's rights. It's believed the group Fathers 4 Justice is behind the protest. Reports indicate there are two men on the roof of the building and that they have enough supplies to camp out for an extended period of time. The group claims they will "tirelessly promote, every child's right to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation and or divorce, and further believes that such equality in parenting has been clearly shown to be in the best interests of children."


Lol! Jack Layton, leader of the radically far-left New Democrat Party of Canada (NDP) is on TV moaning like a little lefty. "They should be writing letters instead of doing this, sob, sniffle."

They have been for years, Jack, you dope. Now get off your tax-funded, useless ass and do something for the citizens of this country that pay your exhorbitant wages, which are mainly men & fathers.



"Plywood Man" is a Northerner!!!

As some of you might know, I have a special soft spot in my heart for Northerners!

Well then, kick some ass like only a Northerner can, Plywood Man!

Thanks for the info/comment from Kevin G, posted at the mightiest blog on the web (yeah, you know it simply as No Ma'am):

Too Bad CTV didn't televise these two outgoing supporters banner "NDP = No Dads Party"! Surprise, surprise.

Layton says "He doesn't know much about the group or why". I call B.S. but if he really doesn't, he better find out soon:

Plywood Man began his mission for equal parenting 6 years ago in Yellowknife , NWT. With no tall buildings to climb he began his simple but persistent protest for equal parenting with large pieces of painted plywood. His campaign drew overwhelming community support and led to the unanimous resolution passed on June 17, 2008 by the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories in support of Equal Parenting and a call to NDP MP, Denis Bevington to support Private Members Motion M483 for Equal Parenting.

To date Mr. Bevington has been unable to publicly support the bill because he has been oppressed by his party and in particular NDP leader Jack Layton.

A big thumbs up to these two courageous men. They're fighting for one of, if not thee, most important issues of today: OUR CHILDREN! Everything else is immaterial with out them.


Home of the Best Show on Earth!

Perhaps upset The Dark Knight broke all his box office records, Spiderman returned to Toronto yesterday.

A man dressed as the action hero and another in lumberjack attire calling himself "Plywood Man" had a stand-off with police for nearly six hours after climbing to the roof of Jack Layton's east-end riding office.

The makeshift superheroes climbed the NDP -- the No Dads Party, as they called it -- leader's building as part of the protest group Fathers 4 Justice.

"Fathers 4 Justice ... will tirelessly promote every child's right to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation and or divorce," their website says.


Yesterday, Plywood Man barked back and forth with police negotiators as he demanded his son, who lives with his mother in Pickering, be brought to him or he might jump off the Broadview and Dundas Aves. E. building.

"I want to see my kid," he yelled.

Emergency task force officers were on the roof near the men, keeping a safe distance because Plywood Man was close to the edge with a rope tied around his neck.

The man dressed in the Spiderman costume surrendered without incident at 2 p.m., but no one knew how long Plywood Man, who travelled to Toronto from the Northwest Territories and had food and a portable toilet with him, planned to stay on the roof.

Some three hours later, police let go two loud, flash-bang "distractionary devices," dazing the man before he was swarmed by ETF officers.


Since Jack Layton so wants people to e-mail him their concerns rather than sit on his roof, why not send him an e-mail describing what a sack of shit he is for dissing men, fathers, and the democratic system: