Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Zenpriest #51 - What's Happening to Boys?

Quote: “If the policy these days is to go your own way…wouldn’t they be doing everything humanly possible to be financially independent enough to travel and enrich themselves free of womenfolk?”

What an interesting way to put it. First of all, there is no “policy” at work here. It is simply the individual decisions of millions and millions of men which add up to a trend. Men on the average are not nearly as materialistic as women. The reason they used to work so hard and be so concerned with making money was because they were locked into the old provider/breadwinner role. Every cultural institution and value pushed them into that role, supported them in it, and gave them no alternatives. Every bit of that has been destroyed in the past 40 years.

I had a really bizarre and terrifying exchange with a woman a couple of years ago. She actually made the statement that she had never given any thought to how men made money, she had always just thought of it as something men just did. I guess she thought we just sit around and grow it like we do hair.

That conversation alone explained so much of what I have observed during this whole social/cultural/economic “deconstruction” process. It was both enraging and terrifying. There was a perfect example of the magical mode of thinking which is the foundation of women thinking they were “oppressed” because they simply did not understand how things work. That woman never gave any thought to the long hours, hard work, high stress, risks, and major unpleasantness which are required to make much money. There used to be cartoon of a girl baby and a boy baby looking inside their diapers with the caption “Oh, that explains the difference in our salaries.” It was one of the most offensive things to men I have ever seen. I wanted to make up a cartoon (except I have no artistic talent and can’t even draw flies) of a woman breezing out of the office while the clock on the wall shows 4:30 saying “gotta pick up the kids”, next to a man still at his desk when the clock shows 8:30 with him saying “No, THAT explains the difference in our salaries.”

Quote: “Or is it another form of going your own way–in which the idea that you’re only a potential rapist and women are better at this and that girls are much more encouraged that somewhere along the line it translated into “well fine, if you don’t expect anything of me, I guess that means I don’t have to do anything.”

That’s part of it, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Any man who is successful will still be considered to be victimizing all women because ”Women still only make 76 cents for every dollar a man makes!" No matter what a man does it gets twisted into women being the victims of it somehow. The only way a man can really avoid victimizing women in some way is to leave them completely the hell alone and avoid them as much as possible.

What is the point of succeeding these days? All it does is make a man into a target for the looters who want to confiscate the fruits of his success in the name of “diversity.” Besides, no matter how hard he works or how successful he is, they will keep changing the rules until he loses. Look at what they do with the marathon races. If a guy works hard to become a great marathon runner, they will rig the game and give women a 15 minute head start. If a woman “wins”, then women everywhere will regard it as a victory of the entire female sex over the entire male sex and start chanting “girls rule, boys drool.” If 15 minutes isn’t enough to rig the game so a woman wins, the next race will give them a 16 minute head start. If a woman still doesn’t win, they will up it to 17 minutes, and keep giving them a head start until some woman finally does win - then they will trumpet to the world how superior all women are to all men.

The roots of this go back more than 30 years. Women have been getting more college degrees than men since the early 1980s. Schools beat down boys as much as they are allowed to get away with, and when the rigged educational system still wasn’t crippling boys enough to let girls win, they started medicating all the little guys who showed any promise at all. A 10 y/o boy on Ritalin in 1990 is today’s 26 y/o who knows through bitter experience that if he shows any promise at all, it will simply make him a target. The nail that sticks up is the one which gets hammered down.

Boys are not nearly as big fools as people have believed. There has been a war against them for more than 30 years, and they have learned to make themselves the smallest possible targets. They have also learned to not feed the system which has as its major priority to destroy them any way it can.

Why make money when any woman can simply trap a sperm and lay claim to most of what they make? It doesn’t even have to be his sperm - any old sperm will do. Women have been “daddy shopping” for ages - “hm, his wallet looks nice and fat, HE’S THE DADDY OF MY BABY!!!”

The H-bomb of the demotivation of males is this insane and evil concept called “imputed income.” Financial success is little more than an excuse to turn a man into complete and total slave of some woman and her new husband “the government.” If a guy is theoretically “capable” of making $100,000/year, it becomes a crime to not make that much.

Why show the world that you have ability when all that will result from it is that the looters will attach themselves to you like parasites, chanting “from each according to his ability, to each according to her need”?

It is fascinating and surreal that the writer would mention “Atlas Shrugged” because all one has to do is read that book and they will understand everything which has happened for the past 40 years and exactly what is going on. Men with ability are going on strike and have been since the 1970s. They are simply refusing to use their “abilities” to support a system which operates under the ideology of a cancer. Why function as a heart or lungs when the tumors suck all the blood anyway? No matter how much blood the heart pumps, the tumors will suck it all up and demand more, and keep demanding that the heart pump more until it bursts from overload.

Quote: “I think it’s disappointing that the article doesn’t throw more theories out there.”

The article is not about theories or finding answers, it is nothing but a propaganda piece continuing the policy of “blame men” that Khank pointed out. It is inconceivable to me that so many people could be so stupid as to not be able to see what is happening right in front of their eyes, so my conclusion is that it must be driven by malicious intent.

What no one seemed to count on, or the mediocre and stupid were just too stupid to figure out, is that men didn’t achieve at the levels they did because of some inherent characteristic of men that everyone else lacked. Just like the woman who thought men grew money like we grow hair, they just assumed men would keep doing it no matter how difficult they made it for men to do so.

Well, as Gomer Pyle would say - “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Women wanted to be trapped in our old roles as wage slaves, so they enthusiastically jumped in to pushing us out of them. The Powers That Be wanted docile little wage slaves to be the drones of their economic consumerist engine.

Simply because men are not as materialistic as women, the engineers of the velocity economy of goods and services made women their primary targets. And, also because men are not as materialistic and consumption oriented, getting the man out of the middle and preventing him from practicing fiscal responsibility and trying to hold on to some of the wealth he generated, was the best way to drive the velocity economy. So, they concentrated on putting women into the workforce and the $$$ directly into their hands, and coming up with laws which allowed for the confiscation of whatever wealth men were still able to accumulate on their own.

So, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to make the decision between working 60 hours per week at a job you hate, or working zero, or maybe 10-15 hours at something which isn’t too unpleasant, and fucking off the rest of the time - if both decisions give the guy the same results.

And, speaking of no-brainers, this article was written by one of them.


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