Thursday, February 21, 2002

Zenpriest #52 - The Moral High Ground Always Goes to the Winner

Quote: "OTH the battle against Al-Qaida is first and foremost a battle of minds. The moral high ground always goes to the winner. Nature made it such that those who die out doesn't count anymore. No one pity us for dying out because we were Nice-Guy's."

You have just stated one of the most profound truths ever - the moral high ground always does go to the winner, because they are the ones still around to write the history books and to define what is moral and what is not.

But, it is the corollary of this statement which has the most profound implications for the MRM - you do not win simply because you believe that you hold the moral high ground. There is never a week that goes by that I don't hear some fool say "well, we don't want to be like the feminists" or some bitch saying something like that in order to silence a man or get him to give up what he is doing - because it is effective.

Those who die nobly, still die. And, their "nobility" is written out of the history books because despite their nobility, they lost and they died. The current hegemony of feminist revisionist history is the perfect example of this. Someone recently posted a description of a wall poster painting the founding fathers as deadbeat dads, or child molesters, or some one of the other stereotypes which have been used to collectively assassinate the characters of men.

I, for one, see no "nobility" in fighting ineffectively, and dying pointlessly leaving no legacy, simply because we believe that we are "nicer" than our enemies.

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