Thursday, February 14, 2002

Zenpriest #45 - I am a Strong Believer in Natural Processes

QUOTE 1: Forget about women and LIVE!

QUOTE 2: How to forget? Do you have some links on that, keywords for memorable posts? I read a lot of JadedGuy, but somehow it didn't click, maybe we're on different wavelengths (we're obviously in different phases of life).

Your advice reminds me of the initiation to "the inklings", where they'd make someone sit in the corner for an hour and NOT think of a white polar bear. Damn near impossible.Again, how?

QUOTE 3: Well, a divorce when I was 26 and betrayal by every girlfriend I ever had (-1) helped quite a bit. I lowered my standards for my last girlfriend (physically.) She is very bright, has a master's degree, and is interesting to talk to (and enthusiastic in bed) but she wanted to be even more of a player than really hot girls. Once she had me she had to see someone else at the same time and take me for granted to prove to herself that she could be just like super hot skanks. She did it for me. If I never date another woman I am ok with that. I realized that the emotional terrorism that women put me through was too high a price to pay for poontang and female companionship. That and I bought a motorcycle.


I am a strong believer in natural processes. I have contended since the 1960s that women's claims of "oppression" were completely bogus and that cultural values were a natural result of a negotiated balance between the sexes. Or, in other words, women had every bit as much a role in the creating the old social values that the feminidiots wanted to destroy as men had in creating them - more, in fact, due to their role in socializing and educating children.

I think men burning out on women and just getting so sick of dealing with them that they start to avoid doing so is another natural process. Men put all the benefits of dealing with women on one side of the scale, and all the costs and unpleasantness on the other, and one day it just reaches the tipping point and his gut starts telling him that the costs far outweigh the benefits.

B.F. Skinner would call what is going on today "aversive conditioning." It's a lot like the alcoholic who takes Antabuse which will make him sick if he drinks. The power of his addiction to make him want another drink is offset by the powerful sickness he will experience if he does. Eventually, the nauseating behavior of modern women makes a man so sick that his nausea overpowers his pussy addiction and makes avoidance the less painful option.

It becomes like those old word association tests. When younger men hear the word "woman", the words that come to mind are "sex, attractive, love, enjoyment." However, unless a man lucks out in the split-tail lottery, his own experiences begin to shape his automatic reactions to "bitching, drama, bullshit, manipulation, hostility, mindfuck, disgusting, demanding, selfish, unpleasant, fuggit."

No one besides Maureen Dowd had to do anything to get most men to regard her as worthy of nothing more than a quick fuck, if that. Likewise, I seriously doubt that there is any answer that any man here could give to your question - except "keep right on doing what you are doing now, until you get so sick of the results that it turns your stomach to think about continuing to do it." Given enough time, dealing with women will produce the result you are asking about. Until then, there is no magic spell any of us can give you to make it happen.

But, once it does happen, the change is not reversible. Once you burn out on women, you are burned out and will remain so for the rest of your life. As you begin to choose more pleasant ways to spend your time, your attention will naturally begin to turn to toward those pleasant pursuits and away from the people whose sole purpose in life is to jerk you around and make you miserable just to entertain themselves.

Women are not going to change as long as they keep getting everything they want from men despite their obnoxious unpleasant behavior. I hear a lot of younger guys saying, in effect - "Hey, I have this fantasy of what women are, and I am so in love with it that I will not give it up, so how do we get women to change so that they are more like I wish they were."

The answer, of course, is that you can't and won't - not ever. Women are what they are, the choice men have basically boils down to take them or leave them. What you see is what you got to pick from, and one of the main purposes of Mancoat is to expose the lies women have used to hoodwink men into believing they are something else.

As one of the posters here recently quipped - this is the red pill, it is not Zion. The situation men are in today sucks, but if any of us knew how to make it better we would have done so long ago and we would not be here talking about it.

Those of us who have survived the gauntlet can pass along tips for how we did it, but that is about all we can do. Life is still pretty much a do-it-yourself deal for men, and each man seems to build his own individual strategy from all the pieces and parts other men give him.

So, the short answer to your question is that you are going to keep on getting what you have been getting as long as you keep on doing what you have been doing. By all means, continue to think about women like you do until your own experiences sour you on them so much that thinking about them begins to trigger the reflex to hurl. Then, it will be very easy to start avoiding things that make you feel like puking.


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