Sunday, February 03, 2002

Zenpriest #34 - When Desiring Women is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Desire Women

Technically, the law is the law and while one might wish to disagree with it and perform an act of civil disobedience, one has to do so with an awareness of the consequences and a willingness to pay them. If the feminidiots want to define looking a woman in the eye as "rape" and can intimidate enough lawmakers into passing that law, then looking a woman in the eye is rape in every sense that matters to a man.

I'm sure you remember the controversy over gun control here in the US, and those bumper stickers that read "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Well, when desiring women is outlawed (which it basically has been in most English speaking countries) then only outlaws will desire women.

The feminidiots won that round, because they capitalized on historic prudish and puritan attitudes toward sex and succeeded in escalating those horrible "impure thoughts" that so many men have from merely shameful to criminal. And, the so-called "average good woman" dodge holds no water here because all these women sat around with their thumbs up their asses and either passively watched it happen or actively aided and abetted it through their sexual harassment lawsuits and endless repetition of the famous "1 in 4" lie.

You see the result today in the unrelentingly sluttish behavior of women. Because girls no longer have a female role from which they can draw their identity, and have been forced into the old male role, the only way a girl can announce her femininity to the world is by flaunting her sexuality in every blatant manner possible. Far from the bogus facade of confidence which the media has tried to brainwash everyone into believing that girls today have, girls are actually emotional wrecks. You don't need to look any farther than the "bogus beauty" pageant in China to see that normal young women in the peak of their sexually attractive years still are so neurotic that they feel a compelling need to spend thousands of $$$, and go through surgery after surgery in a vain quest for a sense of female identity and confidence.

[A commenter illustrated this well by saying] - while he still may have a few vestiges of physical attraction, he feels absolutely no emotional attraction. The men here have just had a verbal brawl over the best way to react to this - whether to try to beat women at their own lying game, or just quit and sit out the rest of the gender war.

While naive romantics may continue to live in a fantasy world where all this has no effect on men, the truth is quite different. Every act of sex today is a potential rape charge for the male, and one for which there seems to be no statute of limitations. Men have differing levels of awareness of this, but it is only the truly dense men who can escape the implications of a Kobe Bryant.

And, what [the above commenter] described is a fundamental change in the way men view women, and an irreversible one. I frequently use the saying that it is not possible to turn a pickle back into a cucumber. The NGs here who were once innocent and wanting nothing in life more than to find a woman to love with all their heart who would love them back in any sort of fashion, have lost the innocence and the ability to trust which makes that possible.

Women have destroyed men's ability to love them by turning it into a crime. And, they have further alienated the men who are even still willing to try by their arrogant and hate-filled demeanor and demands.

I've been arguing with the [Toxic Trolls] for all my adult life. In my younger days when I was still afflicted with the strong desires that many of the guys here are trying to contend with, I argued because I had a deep sense that I was fighting for my personal right to exist and emotional survival. That will to survive is one of the strongest forces on earth, so it kept me going for a long time. But, it eventually ran out, as did the last of my ability to feel anything positive toward women at all.

Another analogy I have often used is that situation we have today is like a large lake. On one side, you have armies of women pissing and shitting and dumping as much raw emotional sewage as they can create into that lake. On the other side, you have the group of so-called "nice normal" women who are beginning to realize that their drinking water is no longer as sweet and fresh as it used to be.

Now, the ordinary male response to a situation like this would be to run around to the other side of the lake, and stop those bitches from poisoning the water that everyone else has to drink from. For some odd reason, the female response has been to cheer the bitches for their polluting ways, with calls of "YOU GO, GRRL!!"

From my perspective, it is up to women to do something about the fact that men are no longer allowed to desire them. A lot of dickless men caved in to the army of ToxicTrolls, largely due to the fact that all other women kept silent and appeared to be complicit in what was happening.

One of the reasons that married women who brag about how well they treat their husbands or BFs draw so much fire on here, is that men have seen a lot of women who take the position "I got mine, so what do I care how badly these women are screwing things up for other women, men, and children?"

Nor will a woman like that get any kudos from this group simply because they haven't fucked a man over in the last week. The culture as a rule does not hand out gold medals to members of a group of known arsonists simply because they haven't burned anything down in the past week.

Nor will women who talk about "trying." The male ethic is to look at results. If your house is burning down, you don't want firemen who "try", you want them to be effective in putting out the fire.

"Do, or do not do. There is no 'try'."

I have been hammering on women for years to provide some kind of countervoice to the male-hating and bashing of the feminidiots on the one hand, and the smug sense of superiority of women who want men to continue in their traditional roles despite everything in the culture working to make that impossible, on the other.


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