Friday, February 22, 2002

Zenpriest #53 - Feminism Really Is All About Projection

Just like psychological projection tests like the Rorschach, women's behavior when they think they are "acting like men" gives away what women really think of us. Their perceptions are completely distorted and they delete anything positive about men by simply refusing to see it.

Feminism really is all about projection. Women have all the same dark desires and qualities that men do, but as the experiment that shows women become more aggressive when they think no one is watching proves - women are masters of illusion and perception management. They have to keep up their act of being "the fairer sex" and ducking behind the feminine mystique in order to keep their feminine power base.

But, self-delusion always carries its own punishments built into it. As women become more and more violent, they will not contain that violence solely toward men and boys. As the posts here about female-on-female violence and the rising numbers of things like girl gangs should show to anyone who can see, women are becoming more violent and dangerous - and this will include violence toward women and girls. A lot of women are going to get seriously hurt as a result of this denial.

What men can do is see what women refuse to see, and take measures to protect ourselves from these violent women - just let them harm other women. Eventually it will boil down to the choice between maintaining their lie and self-preservation. It won't matter to men which way it turns out, because we will take the responsibility to protect ourselves, while the women will just whine "why doesn't some man do something."


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