Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Zenpriest #37 - How It All Happened

"How it all happened" was by a genius masterstroke of positioning. The feminidiots claimed to be speaking for all women, and were able to dismiss any attempt to refute their nonsense by the personal attacks of being anti-woman. Once they had constructed the elaborate hoax of "patriarchy" and "male power and privilege" they could dismiss any criticism by males as being nothing more than protecting that privilege.

The second part of their brilliant strategy was to make the personal political and the political personal. They thus destroyed the ability to have personal relationships. Friction between two individual people ceased to be about those individuals and became merely symbolic of the universal "oppression" of the larger culture. An argument between a man and woman invariably expanded to include the treatment of women in Afghanistan, and Female Genital Mutilation, and how men used to beat their wives with sticks as big around as their thumbs, and so many other totally irrelevant topics that the conflict between them could never get resolved.

For years, millions of women enthusiastically joined the "junior anti-sex league" (thank you, George Orwell) and were the zealous agents of big sister turning every slight mis-comment around the dinner table or in any social setting into an opportunity to climb on their soapboxes and preach to the unwashed masses. Men got sick of having feminist spies watching their every move, and self-absorbed women landing on them with hobnail boots for every politically incorrect statement, and ruining every social occasion with an ideological tirade, and a great many men just caved in.

Most guys when they come home want a little peace and quiet and maybe a bit of physical intimacy, not to have to engage the little woman in an ideological diatribe.

Women just wore men down. Some men fought, some fought hard and long, but in the end they got so confused by female doublethink that they lost focus on what they were fighting for and just caved in.

This is reason #1 why I hold women in general culpable for this mess.

But, the bigger reason is that during all those years women never spoke up to refute the feminidiots. Men couldn't because of the brilliant pre-emptive strike of the positioning of all men as simply defending their privilege. And women didn't, thus by their silence allowing the feminidiots to speak for them because the voices of the criminally insane were the only ones speaking.


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