Monday, February 02, 2004

Bonecrker #33 - Women's Lack of Standards

The problem with women is they really don't have standards. They say they have standards but they are mostly bullshit. The day after she randomly rejects you (claiming not measuring up to her standard), you will see her with some loser that meets nobody's standards.

Women and men both should have standards. For a woman, the man should be reasonably fit (ie not 100 pounds overweight), the same height as her, the same education and socio-economic standing, should not have bad habits (drugs, alcohol, smoking, criminal record etc.) should have a job (within reason, type and income are irrelevant), should have his own living space (ie not living in his parents basement or at a PADS shelter), but most important of all, he should be of good character. I have yet to meet a woman who actively seeks out men who meet these reasonable standards. However, I meet pleeeenty of women who have taken men from the trashcan of society. I would like to point out, that a woman without real standards (as opposed to simple lip service to the idea to cover for her fucked-upness) is of low quality.

Personally, I have very high standards with women. I'll fuck a woman who isn't up to snuff, but the amount of time I let her hang around is directly related to how well she meets my standards. Most of my standards are related to character. Most people's should be.
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