Saturday, February 07, 2004

Bonecrker #38 - You Mean Nothing Until You Have Sex II

Until you put your penis in a woman, you mean nothing to her, no matter what. Even after that, many will still flake on you soon after.

No matter how hot and heavy and interested in you she seems, no matter how much she grinds against you on the dance floor or whispers dirty promises in your ear, no matter how much she said she wants you to call her, no matter what love letters she writes you professing her undying love, until you put your penis in her, from her point of view, it is as if none of that ever happened and you are a stranger being met for the first time. That first sexual contact is the very beginning of your relating to her. Before then, you don't exist.

Men assume they are building up a relationship and getting to know her with the eventual goal of making her close enough to you and trusting enough of you to have sex. This is completely erroneous. Women lie about this all the time which is the source of the misunderstanding. What women actually do is keep a bunch of potentials in the wings and have sex with one of them (or some complete stranger) quite at random when they want to initiate courtship with them. The less you are willing to wait around for her to decide to fuck you, the higher your status. Also, since it is mostly random, it is a much better strategy for men to look for the woman who wants him right now, rather than to invest time and energy on a woman. However, women are completely neurotic, so you have to disguise it as something innocuos (hey, want to come over to my place and watch this new DVD I got....hehehe). You both know the real reason she is coming over to your place but you both must pretend it just sort of happened. It is very important that, if a woman ever says no to you, during the course of you seducing her, that you wander off, preferably with someone else. Hey, want to come over to my place and see the new DVD I got? No? Well, look, I"m busy right now and I gotta go, but I'll call you later in the week. Don't call her. And if she doesn't call you, forget all about her.

Some women are psychotic and prone to random slutty stuff like going to a club, doing a bunch of ecstasy and then blowing some random guy in the bathroom. Look, but don't touch. There is nothing you can do about women being neurotic except work around it and prevent it from impacting your life. But psychotic women are a whole different story. They are rare (thankfully) but extremely toxic. Keep them out of your life at all costs.

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