Monday, February 16, 2004

Bonecrker #47 - Living in La-La-Land

I think that the basic problem is that most women here are only interested in the fantasy of living life and not the reality of it. Only what is going on in their heads matters to them, not what is actually going on outside in the real world. Any time there is a conflict between the two, they treat what's in their head as true rather than what's outside. That's the very definition of a crazy person. A big problem with that is what goes on in your head is transitory and ephemeral. It disappears as soon as you daydream about something else.

However, the behavior women do based on this have very real and permanent consequences.

For example, if you have some fantasy about being in love with a guy, marry him and then have kids, but 10 years later you lose interest in that fantasy, the consequences of that are rather harsh. And women never seem to realize what is at the root of their problems. They tend to blame the problems on men. Blah, blah, blah... I don't love you anymore because you are boring, unromantic and a whole bunch of other things that are thinly veiled bullshit with no basis in reality. The truth is they were never in love in the first place. Love has to do with what you do outside in the real world... your behavior and what you build with it. It has nothing to do with what is going on in your head, even though what is going on in your head may be fun and exciting.

I think a pretty basic thing every man needs to pay attention to when in any relationship is how much does the woman's behavior match up with what she is saying. She says "I love you", but does she act in a loving manner? Does she do things that are incompatible with a person who loves you? Most importantly, does she work toward long term goals based on nurturing a love relationship that is permanent, or is she just along for the ride. Very few women act in any way except just enjoying the moment. What that means is, your behavior and the decisions you make with regard to her should be based on that. I think it is inappropriate to be monogamous with someone who is just having fun times with you. Certainly it is not a good idea live with themmarry them and God forbid, have children with them. Those things absolutely require certain continuous and extended behaviours that the woman (and men and women are absolutely different in this regard) is just not interested in.

To put it another way: American men make the best husbands on the planet. But, American women make the worst wives.

Everyone except Americans seems to know it, too.

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