Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bonecrker #41 - Finding The Small Pool of Interested Women

What's going on (and what I think may be one of the differences in how women behave in other countries) is women totally suppress their body language and behavioural cues that let a man know they are interested in them. A man has to approach them before they will let on that they are attracted. Most men are not sophisticated enough to do this only a tiny bit, and not aware enough to consciously look for the behavioural cue that says this woman wants me to approach (it's actually unnatural to be that attuned, but it is what's needed).

The result? Most men don't approach women, causing both men and women to go without. They do this because every time (it seems) they approach a woman at random, it gets a negative result. However, it's actually not every time, it's just most times because they can’t separate the small group of women who want them from the large group of women who don’t. A few men are persistent. They approach a lot of women, and surge ahead with any one woman until she forces him to stop in some way. This is very frightening for women because they are extremely weak in all ways compared to a man. Her ability to make him stop is based almost solely on his consent or another man coming to her aid.

Also, there is a big problem in that objective worth doesn't mean anything anymore. A large, muscular, svelte, handsome, intelligent man with tons of money naturally assumes most women will be attracted to him. He approaches a woman he wants and is shut down. He naturally assumes this is a test of the steel content of his balls and turns it up a notch... causing a bad situation. He can't believe the small pool of women he actually has to choose from and the randomness of it all. I mean, if Pamela Anderson rolled up on you while you were working the register at Burger King and started going oooooohhhh, your soooo hot, let's go out somewhere tonight, would you be interested or would you assume she was a serial killer and go running for the manager. Too many girls do the latter, in this situation. Something is wrong with them.

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