Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Bonecrker #35 - You Mean NOTHING To A Woman Until You Have Sex

My views on "chicks" are based on observation and experience and they are very reliable. A man can expect a woman to act as if nothing is going on, to fade on him, flake on him, play rapo and other games, string him along, forget his name, and a million other things that say he just doesn't matter. All that goes away (except for psycho chicks) after the first time you have sex. Until that happens, a man should take every single thing about a woman with a grain of salt. Also, there is a huge ass gap between what a woman says and what a woman does. Waiting around trying to get "close" to a girl, developing friendships and dating etc., are all highly counterproductive for a man because of this. A woman decides within seconds if she wants a man or not, and then immediately tests him to see if he is important enough and in demand enough to not have to chase her. Almost anything he does to pursue her, please her, or try to get close to her makes his value drop. It sucks that women are so fucked up. But it is what is.

A lot of men don't know this. They assume because they have put significant time and effort into wooing a girl and she is responding, that he is important to her. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will rarely find a woman who will admit this. But their behavior shows this very clearly. [It] is the rule, not the exception.
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