Friday, February 13, 2004

Bonecrker #44 - Women Have Contradictory Love

Women have been tricked into seeking after what is not in their own best interest in a highly neurotic fashion. They've been tricked by the small fraction of women who are convinced this is actually good to do because they are psychotic. If you were to ask most women, hey, how's your love life, almost all of them would say it’s horrible (well, no shit, look who you are chasing after). Later in life, after those poor decisions have been left to fester, the question changes to hey, how is your life in general... with the same answer. Women's lives suck because they have chosen to believe those lies. Until they seek after the truth, there is no hope for a better outcome for them. They must wake up from their trance and see that what is normal, sexy and attractive in men is that a man is strong and of high quality.... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and most of all, spiritually. Choosing a man like that, and being committed to him, is the only path to a happy life for a woman.

Men cannot do that for women. Yes, we can point it out, but only they can experience the truth for themselves. Quite frankly, it is not my responsibility. If someone tells you shit tastes good, and you nod your head and agree and spoon it into your mouth, well, there is nothing I can do for you. And it will tend to piss me off if I prepare a sumptuous, nutritious 3 course feast for you in the hopes you will stop, but you spit at my feet and yell at me. When you start clutching your stomach and throwing up, why should I take care of you? For that matter, don't expect a big sloppy kiss any time soon.

But, what we can (and should) do is make sure our needs are met, protect ourselves from an inappropriate shunting of responsibility from them to us, and most of all, stop enabling their foolishness. These three things are highly related. When you do one, you tend to do them all.

This is one of the things that really pisses me off about women. None of the things that make me a desirable man (money, looks, body, personality etc.) that I work on, mean a damn thing to them. In fact, many of these things are a detriment, as they chase after omega male (scumbag) traits. But, social proofing.... that matters. I got news for them. Social proofing pretty much means I can't or simply won't give them what they want. Social proofing means one of three things. I'm not going to commit under typical circumstances (me). I'm taken, so you have no chance with me (typical married guy). Or, worst of all, I'm taken and I'm the type of lying, cheating, scum who will do it with someone behind my wife's back (i.e. poor character). Social proofing has negative survival value for women. It's neurotic and unnatural.

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