Friday, February 06, 2004

Bonecrker #37 - Gifts

Gifts... are important if you are in a relationship. The rule here is, except for flowers, no gifts except on the big three... your anniversary, her birthday and Christmas. A man has to strike a fine line between getting a good gift and "paying for performance". They need to be moderately expensive (from $50 to a couple hundred or more depending on how rich you are) but can never be richly expensive (ie, no matter how rich you are, $500 is a bad idea). More than that though, they need to be symbolic. By that, they must represent care and thought put into them. You lose points for asking what she wants and gain points at playing the game: you hint at what you like and I'll take notes. When I was in relationships, and even occasionally now, I rely on certain categories of gifts that tend to be winners. Top of the list is jewerly. Not expensive jewerly, but cool jewelry (NO RINGS>>>>>NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!) This requires window shopping with her (Hey, look at the cool jewerly over there... maybe if you are a good girl, I'll get you that for your birthday next month, haha). Other winners are accessories (handbags, wallets, scarves) carefully chosen to match her style and look good. Clothes and shoes are a double edged sword. Never buy them unless you are absolutely positive of her size in that item. Make sure you choose items that match her style from the classy end. Lingerie is a big no-no and a waste of money. Another winner is artwork. A nice poster of a famous painting she admires in a nice frame is a sure winner (lots of extra points for knowing the art she admires). I tried this on a couple of girls and they go apeshit over it. I spend $100 and you would think I took them on a shopping spree through Tiffany's. Other winners... going cool places (massive extra points if the place has symbolic value to her but she rarely goes there, even more points if it is symbolic to the relationship... first date, first kiss, first sex, etc.)... pampering (usually an add on), cooking a special dinner, massage, away for the weekend someplace... and lastly, cards that are symbolic, somehow matching something about her, or something going on in your lives etc. Even better are homemade cards, if you got the skills (or even if you don't).

Gift giving is a big deal for women and never to be taken lightly if you are enmeshed with one. It's such a big deal that other women will grade your woman based on how good a gift you got her (ie how much you care about her). She'll lose status over a crappy gift. Women are nuts.

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