Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bonecrker #55 - Dates

Dates, where you expend time, money, effort, whatever, are only for someone you’ve been with awhile and are already fucking (as in plural). You call both these situations “dates” but they aren’t even close to being the same thing. The first case, you are setting up a situation for one or more of three things. You are being evaluated. Right away, this sends the exact wrong message, that you need to be good enough, somehow to be with a particular woman (to say that is a lie, is a dramatic understatement on many different levels). Second, it opens the door wide for exploitation. Who seeks out situations where they get to exploit people? Women like this. In other words, if she is seeking to get set up on dates, she is probably looking for someone to exploit and that means she has a whole bunch of other negative traits (like the ones yous saw, hehe). The last thing she is looking for is the hook up. Totally neurotic, restrictive, arrogant and contemptuous, 95% of the time, she “binges” the other 5% of the time. She looks to have sex with anybody (don’t be surprised if you find out she went out after your date, picked up some drunk at a bar and had sex in his car, without even finding out his name) with no intimacy and often under fucked up circumstances. That’s how she ended up with her charming tattoo and probably other fun stuff (like herpes). If you went out with her a dozen times, she would care about you no more than navel lint.

The second type of “date” is totally different. Doing it only with someone you are intimate with, it has the goal of doing something fun, to become even more intimate. Afterward, you are probably going home to have sex and be together.

Just say no to the first type of “date”. Someone want to hook you up on a blind date? Say no. Tell them to have that person come along a few times when you are hanging out with that mutual friend, preferably for a relaxing evening at home.

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