Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Bonecrker #42 - Lesbians & Gay Men

There is no such thing as lesbianism. Women on women sex is a normal part of heterosexual sex. That's why women who hate men are a relatively recent phenomenon and why they look and act deviant. If lesbianism was real, you would see two things.... no history of sex with men, and normal women/women relationships where the people involved are just like everyone else in all ways. They wouldn't hate men, either. They'd be indifferent. You see the exact opposite in the lesbian community... long history of sex with men, abnormal/no relationships, intense hatred of men, and most of all, bizarre, stereotypical behavior that you can use to identify them. This last wouldn't be that big of a deal if it wasn't bizarre. For example, many "lesbians" like sports. That's a normal type of thing to be associated with a group of people. But, many more "lesbians" practice witchcraft (and live an accompanying delusional lifestyle). That's a decidedly abnormal thing to be associated with a group. It let's you know they aren't legitimate, as does the entire pattern with them, even the fact that there is a pattern.

There is a similar thing going on with gay men. To put it another way, if being a gay man was a normal variant of sexuality, gay men would act like men, instead of like gays. I actually look at this as a continuum. Small subsets of gay men are legitimately gay, while the rest are just freaks. The real gay men act like men, not demented perverts. Why do I say this? Because unlike with lesbians, there is a looooong history of a small part of the male population, in all cultures, who form relationships (as opposed to 500 sex partners a year) with men. Depending on the demands of the culture, they may or may not breed, but the main relationship is with a man. They acted in all ways like men do and there was rarely any stigma.

The whole thing is just silly and very much their own business.... until they try to push it off on the rest of us. A line has to be drawn at that. Don't interfere with gay people's lives. But don't allow them to interfere with our life either.

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