Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Zenpriest # 2 - You Can't Change a Pickle Back Into a Cucumber

This is a very important principle which is invariably dis-understood when I try to explain it. Not misunderstood, but disunderstood - as in the same difference between misinformation and disinformation. Feminism and women have been proceeding on the unshakable belief that men are still going to want and care about them no matter how awful they get. Then, when a man reaches a state of complete indifference, they insist that it is temporary and is only because he is angry and that he will get over it.

It is more like a state of emotional numbness akin to what happens physically with scar tissue. Scar tissue has little if any feeling to it. It is simply the body's repair material doesn't replace the original tissue's full function - it is nothing but patch. After years of women having such fun ripping into my guts, there is nothing left but emotional scar tissue.

Or, using another body analogy - if a guy steps on a land mine and gets his leg blown off, it never grows back. The deep, overwhelming, all-consuming love that a young man is capable of feeling for a woman is only possible from a state of innocence and the ability to trust absolutely. Once a man has had that love used one too many times to exploit him and f**k him over, he loses his ability to trust in it. Use something as a weapon against a man too many times, and he will find a way to disarm you.

I think women have #$%#@# up something beautiful and wonderful, and it is very sad that they don't think so - but they obviously don't. Once men have turned against them, it will take an entire new generation of innocents for men's ability to love women to be reborn. You can't change a pickle back into a cucumber, and men my age have become so pickled in women's hatred that our revenge will be to watch them grow old and die alone.


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