Monday, January 21, 2002

Zenpriest #21 - The Terrible Twos

I think this issue needs to be looked at in a larger context. If one looks around at today's culture and takes note of all the destructive effects of the female attitude of entitlement, then went on to devise social controls which would prevent such destructive effects in the future, I think you would end up with social values very much like the ones currently labeled "patriarchal."

Rather than viewing feminism as "conditioning" women to behave in completely self-centered ways, I see it more as a case of feminism regarding the socialization process which countered the natural tendency of all organisms toward selfishness - as "oppression."

Every parent who has had daily involvement in raising a child is familiar with the stage called "the terrible twos." This is the stage during which the naturally selfish infant is forced to come to terms with the fact that their desires will not always be met and their will not always prevail. I have no doubt that if the child were able to express what it knows in its "special infantile way of knowing", that it would consider the imposition of external values on it to be "oppression."

The vast majority of women I have met have seemed to be stuck emotionally at about age two. Any frustration of their desires would result in a tantrum. In many cases these were more subtle than throwing herself on the floor and thrashing around, but it was a tantrum nonetheless. So, rather than saying that feminism "conditioned" women to behave in an immature, selfish, and totally self-centered fashion, I would describe it as feminism destroying the social value system and the process of conditioning women out of their infantile and narcissistic world view.


This my gravest concern, and the reason I feel such a sense of urgency to get some resources for men to help them cope with the coming onslaught. I think this current generation of women - raised completely under feminism's complete control - is ruined beyond redemption.

Women of the boomer generation were at least raised with a value system other than "it's all about ME", and yet they adopted it enthusiastically. Gen X women were raised during the transition period, so some had parents who still held the old value system. But, this current generation, which has been completely dumbed down by the education system, and pandered to every second of their lives, is going to be totally useless and completely insufferable.

Imagine growing up with Lynndie England as your mother.

“Feminism starts out being very simple. It starts out being the instinct of a little child who says ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘you are not the boss of me,’ and it ends up being a worldview that questions hierarchy altogether.” -- Gloria Steinem, in the two hour HBO special on the life of Gloria Steinem entitled, "Gloria: In Her Own Words." 


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