Thursday, January 10, 2002

Zenpriest #10 - When Men's Trust Is Gone

No fault divorce, paternity fraud, false allegations, the DV Gestapo and the fact that a woman can have a man turned into a criminal with one phone call - the list of reasons why men are absolute fools to trust any woman today just goes on and on. Sure, there are "exceptions", but that argument by itself pisses me off because it fails to recognize the personal devastation that so many men have been through and any man who embarks on a personal relationship with a woman risks these days.

As I frequently point out - only one out of six chambers of the gun is loaded in Russian Roulette, but you still don't see everyone playing it. The 16.67% of getting your brains blown out is still far better than the approximately 40% chance a man has of having his life destroyed by a relationship with a woman.

Men today are hyper-aware and hyper-critical. Because the law provides men absolutely no protections whatsoever, men have to protect themselves. Thus, any and every misstep by a woman, every tantrum, every irrational argument, portends the day he will be facing her in court - either in a divorce proceeding or defending himself against charges of rape.

Pay attention here, MNIK - women today are under such an extreme level of scrutiny by men, looking for any sign of the crazy bitch lurking inside and hiding and waiting to come out until she has the guy over a legal barrel, that no human being can pass the test. Men are like the soldiers who sit watching the radar screens trying to catch the nuclear missiles coming over the pole in time to shoot them out of the sky before they leave nothing but a crater where his life used to be.

Women have really fucked themselves, and all other women by this process.


"It's tough to trust a person who holds a club behind her back and says, "A club? What club? I don't have a club." -- Jack Kammer in If Men Have All The Power, How Come Women Make The Rules?, p29


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