Saturday, January 12, 2002

Zenpriest #12 - Happiness

Am I "happy"? - compared to just about every man I know, deliriously happy. "Happy" is not an absolute state, but a relative one. Just think about your friend [who committed suicide after divorce]. Would he be alive today if he had not had that woman in his life?

When I go to the dentist and have a horribly painful throbbing tooth removed, I am "happier" with it gone than I was with it.

Other than restricted by the demands of work, I go where I want, when I want. I answer to and am accountable to no one but myself. I only have to pay bills which I generate, so I am not trapped into any particular job or income level. If my boss pisses me off too much, I don't have to "suck it up and take it" (like a man), I can do the Johnny Paycheck thing of "You can take this job and shove it."

A few years ago, I decided to take some time off from the corporate world of wage slavery, and spent a total of 3 months riding around the entire western US on my motorcycle. It was the most glorious feeling of freedom I have ever had. In 3 months, I spent only about 14-15 nights with a roof over my head.

I can't remember a time in my life I have ever been happier.

Certainly, all those times I was being emotionally punished by a woman for not getting her the "right" birthday/Valentine's/xmas present weren't any happier. The silent treatments for what I had no clue about, were not what I would call "happy." The arguments where I would get things I said in the most tender and vulnerable moments between us twisted around and thrown back in my face in the ugliest most hurtful fashion possible, were not "happy."

What happened was that the feminidiots brainwashed women into believing that doing ANYTHING kind or loving toward a man was being "under a man's thumb." So, in order to prove how "strong" they were, women devolved into hateful, hurtful, demanding, cruel bitches.

Pulling them out of my life has been like having a horribly infected, inflamed, and painful tooth pulled. I am ecstatically happy with the result - the pain is gone.

Lonely? I know lots of people I can call up if I want company - people that I can actually have a 2-way conversation with, instead of just being an audience for the ceaseless yammering of women like the one Dietra told about, or KJC's grandmother. Most of them are male.

For years, men have been talking about how truly horrible women have become, and just about every time a man says anything - just as predictable as the sun coming up, someone will say "but, not all women are like that", as though that means something.

Well, tell your friend that "not all women are like" the one who made his life such hell that he killed himself.

And, in order to understand what I am trying to get across, ask yourself how much "happier" he would be today - still alive - if that woman had never come into his life.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine your friend still alive? Can you imagine him wanting to be alive more than he wanted to die as "happiness"?

Can you imagine how NOT having such a woman in my life, really is happiness to me?


Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycles do put one into a zen state. There is something about their marvelous simplicity. So much that what we thought was essential turns out to be excess baggage. Our lives depend on being totally aware in the moment and clearing our minds of things which are not significant at the present time.


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