Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Zenpriest #16 - The Gender War

I think this is the saddest outcome of the gender war. [Previously it was mentioned] that one role of a woman was to inspire her man to better things (paraphrased). Now we have a situation where both sexes are pointing at the excesses of the other to justify the excesses of their own.

This is a bloody god-damned war in which a whole lot of women are the enemy and younger men need to learn the tricks of a wiley old coyote like me in order to survive. More than 15,000 men kill themselves in the US every year because they cannot sort out and resolve all the mixed cultural messages they are getting and either take on the failure as their own, or just give up because they can't stand it any more.

I [previously commented] about the massive rise in female violence which we have seen over the past few years. This is the pond that many men on this list will end up fishing in, and they need to be warned and prepared for the great white sharks they are going to encounter.


This is a war that can have no leaders. There is no field of a gender Falkirk where a gender William Wallace can lead a group of rag-tag men to victory over a cruel and brutal tyrant. This war is fought every day in bedrooms and board rooms and restaurants and dance clubs and online dating sites. It is millions of individual wars of one man against a cultural zeitgeist that hates and devalues him simply because he is male.

The biggest mistake men have made is in being gentlemen toward women who were most decidedly NOT "ladies."

The majority of western women today are emotionally abusive. They have fallen in love with ”THE BITCH” as their only model of female strength. Western men are collectively in an abusive relationship with western women collectively. Few women will pass up the chance to manufacture an opportunity to belittle an individual man and all men.
I am speaking less to you than I am with you. You have already learned what is important - it is the bewildered and confused young men attacked and brainwashed since birth with undeserved guilt and shame for their crime of having made the mistake to be born male, who need to hear what we both have to say.

Most of the men here really are gentlemen - gentle men - nice guys. What women have forgotten is that there is a vast difference between gentleness, or kindness, and weakness.

Gentleness is the force which controls the hand which can break your neck, but instead caresses it. Gentleness is not male or female, but human. I am a gentleman, you are a gentlewoman - a lady. What young men have to realize is that women in general have lost ALL gentleness.

They see it as weakness, both in themselves and in men. Female violence is skyrocketing as the moral character of women heads for the ground in a power dive. Emboldened by men's passive acceptance of being attacked verbally and emotionally, women are now escalating those attacks to physical. They now see force as a viable means to get their way, and count on men's hands being tied by chivalry and the legal system to keep men from fighting back. They are killing men by the thousands, and so far have managed to keep that from being realized by a combination of outright lies and major mind games.

No one is going to help men. There is no one to help us. Men rescue women. They rescue children. They do not rescue other men.

The karate kid was challenged to a blood match. He asked his sensei, Miyagi, "Who is going to referee?" Miyagi laughs and says "No one." Well, how do you know who won?" the kk asks. "The one who isn't dead when it is over" Miyagi replies.

Hardly a week goes by that I don't hear about some book or study that it is all over for "men." "The future, if there is one, is female" "The decline of males" "The death of the Y chromosome" The culture is very clearly and very literally trying to stamp out maleness - to completely destroy it.

Men today are fighting not just for their own personal survival, but for the very right to survive of the male spirit itself. In order to "win", we must not be dead when it is over.

Instead of the term "leader", I prefer the term "teacher", sensei. I can teach younger men how to value themselves and, perhaps more importantly, why to value themselves, but when the match starts I cannot be in the ring with them - that is where they must prevail on their own.

Yeah, war sucks all the way around. But, I have to ask the men here, if your own lives and honor are not worth you fighting for, what could make them worth anyone else fighting for?
“Among the low-income couples we observed, the battle between the sexes often looks more like outright war, and many women say that they regard men simply as ‘children,’ ‘no good,’ or ‘low-down dirty dogs.’” – Researcher Kathryn Edin, as reported in The American Prospect, January 3, 2000


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