Thursday, January 24, 2002

Zenpriest #24 - If a Woman Goes Into a Bar Wearing Sexy Clothes and No Panties...

If a bunch of guys saw a man walking down the street waving a handfull of $100 bills, and he later got mugged, virtually to a man we would say "he asked for it." Translated out of PC-prohibited-speak, that means he engaged in stupid, high risk behavior.

If I go out and buy a few thousand $$$ worth of electronic equipment, and leave it in the back seat of an unlocked car, that is entirely different from leaving it in a locked trunk. While stealing it from either location is a crime, there is a significant difference in applying some common sense and awareness of one's surroundings to a situation, and stupidly blundering through it blaming every bad thing that happens on someone else.

Someone with good deadbolt locks on their doors, an alarm system, and bars on the windows is going to get their house burglarized much less frequently than someone who leaves the blinds up with stereo gear etc. clearly visible through a window, and the door unlocked.

Read my story under "ex GF stories" entitled "jerkus aroundus maximus." This was a woman with whom I had argued in the past over "if a woman goes into a bar wearing sexy clothes and no panties, and later gets raped, did she 'ask for it'?"

If a store put a sign out front that said "free merchandise" and then when people walked in expecting to get "free merchandise" they were refused, the store could be sued for false advertising or possibly fraud. If they advertise a product they do not have at a low price, and people come in and ask for it, unless they have specifically stated in their ad that "supplies were limited", they have to issue rain checks.

Male "attention" is not "free" and women are not "entitled" to be the center of male attention the way many of them seem to think they are. They are playing a high risk game which will sometimes get them hurt, and very often will incur the hostility and animosity of men. A woman who attracts male attention by wearing low-cut tops forfeits the right to bitch about men paying attention to her tits, because all of her actions are designed purely for the purpose of attracting attention.

Men are not warm-blooded vibrators who exist for women to flip on and off like light switches purely for women's entertainment. There is a joke going around about a guy who takes his wife on a big shopping spree, then says he never intended to pay for any of the stuff.

That is interpersonal fraud at the most fundamental level. It is essentially the same as a man who lies through his teeth and says "I love you" frequently just to get women to sleep with him. People who play that sort of vicious exploitive game have already violated the social contract of mutual civility, and thus do not deserve to have the benefit of it keeping them safe.

Yes, some innocent women get hurt, but the reality of rape statistics is that few middle-aged and older women get raped compared the vast majority who are in the 18-35 age range.

But, none of this has anything to do with Kobe Bryant. The girl went up to his room and by her own admission engaged in what most people recognize as "foreplay." IF she "changed her mind" and clearly said "No, I don't want to do this", unless Kobe was so far gone in the throes of "passion" (which women supposedly love) it would be hard for me to imagine that he stupidly pushed the issue.

Like most men, I believe she went up to the room of this famous sports star, acted like a typical groupie and had willingly sex with him, and now is ducking behind the feminine mystique to pretend that a virtuous girl like her was abused by this nasty brute.

Most men aren't falling for it, but that still may not be enough to keep him out of prison.

If the only value women put on sex is the power that it gives them to jerk us men around, I can testify that eventually a man will lose all interest in women entirely. Supporting women like this will turn out to be very destructive toward women because as they age men will no longer do the shit work of initiating sexual relationships and taking all the risk. Women get to go along for a free ride letting the man do all the work and take all the risk, and still get half the goodies.

I had no sympathy at all for the stupid bitch when she whined about her husband not wanting her any more, because she stood up so firmly for women's right to use sex to jerk men around.

And, I have very little sympathy for a woman who engages in a high-risk and very vicious exploitive game, and then gets burned by the fire she played with because it was so exciting.

The real question boils down to: - if a woman goes into a bar wearing sexy clothes and no panties, and later gets raped -- who gives a shit?

I don't.

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