Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Zenpriest #29 - The Future's Cultural Time-bombs

As pissed off as you guys are at women, most of you remember a time when women were something other than distilled viciousness. You seek and yearn for a different type of woman, you at least believe that such exists.

[The boys today] are growing up in a world where their mothers are the biggest skanks of all, because they should know better and because the boys feel instinctively that they should be able to trust mom.

Trying to explain to such boys that women who are capable of anything other than extreme cruelty will be like some of the things I have tried to get across to younger men here - they won't believe you.

Some of these boys will hate females with an intensity which makes arthur look like Alan Alda.

I see the potential in a few years for unprecedented levels of violence against women. A permanent social and economic underclass, deprived of breeding opportunity and ANY sort of positive deeply emotional contact, isn't going to like a bunch of older guys who found one way or another to do ok within the system that they are locked out of any more than they are going to like women.

As more incidents like Columbine happen, and these cultural time bombs go off, there are going to be calls for ever more laws to restrict your behavior, and be as intrusive into your lives as they want to be. Men accused of molesting children these days are routinely required to undergo a test in which their penis is wired to a machine and he is shown violent and kiddie porn and his sexual reaction is measured. Of course, the test doesn't mean shit and it will register anxiety and it gets interpreted as arousal.

I understand why guys want to run away to other countries - what is called "the Geographical Cure" - but all this shit will be everywhere in another generation or two. What then? Gonna leave it for the little boys to sort out?

A couple of generations of men have dropped the fucking ball that they ended up handing off to most of the guys here. My gang of idiots let this get started, and our little brothers and sisters - or first kids of those who had them early - just followed in our ruts.

But, some of us have got to turn around and do something to help these little boys and not abandon them to the all-consuming harridans.

This thing has such immense cultural momentum, it's unbelievable. Women are cutting the arms off little girls and letting them bleed to death, and everyone rushes to comfort her, because we know that women are always the victims.

Monsters are running loose among us, and they are creating new monsters every day. The media tries to paint Aileen Wuornos in a sympathetic manner. It's ok to be a monster, if you are woman, everybody understands. Murder is cool, if a woman gets off on it. I think that was Karla Faye Tucker, but it might have been Karla Hromolka.

Guys need to start screaming about how this culture of hatred is going to backfire in a big way, and worst of all on women.

Hate bounces. Anyone here heard that before?

You need to start screaming because when it starts to happen "they" are going to start blaming you, and passing more laws to make your lives hell.

This is the one and only time I am going to use this particular word, because it has entered the junkfood category of meaningless words - empowerment.

All power comes from willingness to act. I hear a lot of helplessness from the guys here, and I keep preaching that they aren't as helpless as they think. But they keep going down the same old ruts because they feel safer and less risky.

But, those ruts keep leading to the same dead end.

When a person isn't getting what they want, it is pretty much a habit to do more of the same. But there comes a point when you are doing as much of it as you can, that you really ought to ask yourself what it is going to take to prove to you that it is NOT going to work. And, once you have figured that out, make the decision to try something else.

Somebody has to defend the boys, and stand up for positive maleness, and try to get bright lights shown on the stories of corruption and plain vileness of women.

Because as long as "The Feminine Mystique" is not shattered, women will be able to appear to men any way they want to appear.

Be prepared guys. And help out the little guys whenever and wherever you can.

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