Monday, January 28, 2002

Zenpriest #28 - Ethical Sociopaths

[One reaction to feminism] is what I term "becoming an ethical sociopath." What I mean by that is embarking on a path of spiritual and self development which leads to coming to terms with or eliminating one's faults, and becoming confident enough about one's virtues to self-validate and no longer need the validation of women.

It may seem like a very fine line I am drawing here, but I believe it is a significant one. If a woman tells me every day what a rotten asshole I am, it is still my choice and something within my power to regard her opinion as insignificant. It is a mental battle that I must win against myself, but one that can be won.

The reason I may seem to harp on this, is that I am dedicated to helping men get their feet back under them and reclaim their power. I am not saying that it is easy, I am just saying that it can be done.

When a woman tells me I am a rotten asshole, there are basically two possibilities - 1) she is right, I really am a rotten asshole, or 2) she is wrong, I'm really ok, and she is a complete idiot.

I'll take what is behind door number 2.

This is what I mean when I keep saying that women have thrown away their own power. Yes, in times past, women did really have immense amounts of power based on the desire of most men to please them. But, by going so absolutely insane and self-absorbed, what they have ended up doing is training men how to live and survive mentally and emotionally without their approval.

I mean, really who can take seriously the opinions of creatures afraid to go out of the house without troweling a layer of paint on their faces?

Why in the world would I elevate the opinions of someone who is afraid of her own face over my own knowledge of myself?


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