Friday, January 11, 2002

Zenpriest #11 - Emotional Deficit

Think of things like "compassion" and "understanding" as being like commodities which are not in unlimited supply - like a holding tank full of water. If a man gives some of his compassion to a woman, the level in his tank drops. If a woman gives some back to him, the level goes back up.

Throughout the whole victim hysteria, women have demanded and consumed more and more compassion and understanding from men, and have actually used both against men, and given absolutely nothing back. A woman accuses a man of "rape" or "I'm afraid of him" and the jackals howl for his head. Deadbeat dads go to prison, "rapists" get castrated.

For some of us, the compassion well has run dry. We really don't give a shit any more. The old fable of the boy who cried wolf is coming into reality. When a woman cries "victim" today, I do not feel compassion, I feel rage. When she cries "victim" I ASSUME IT IS A LIE!!.

I do not believe women. I do not feel sorry for them. I do not help them.

Your initial posts, and those of some other females, came off sounding like "c'mon, guys, get back out there and give another ameriskank a chance to ruin what you have left of your life that none of the skanks so far have gotten the chance to ruin."

The answer to that is "no." And, no really does mean no - when a man says it.

I'm in my early 50s, I've gone through male change of life - which I call "horny-pause" to correspond with female "meno-pause", and unlike some of the younger horn-dogs here, consider the sexual demands of women my age a HUGE annoyance rather than something positive.

GDaddy is my age, and still trying. Good for him. But, he is not going to try with another ameriskank. Even better for him.

So, the point is that I have lived through the part of my life where it mattered to me whether a woman was one of the "exceptions" or she wasn't. I am no longer even interested in one of the exceptions.

Boomer women are going to learn the hard way that their sexual power over men does not last forever. They live in a comfortable little fantasy world that there will always be more men who want them than they want.

But, that mean, ugly, and evil game they have been playing of using our desire for them as the weapon to jerk us around, is coming to an end. Any sports fan knows that a game only lasts a certain number of periods, then the scoreboard is shut down, the lights are turned off, and everyone goes home.

And, my goal is to see that as many women as possible my age go home - alone. The post I quoted in the marriage strike thread has one of the most eloquent expressions and summaries of it I have ever seen -

Quote: "Ok, women win. I confess. You proved you don't need us men more than we don't need you. Now go away and don't need us somewhere else."

Yeah. Go away, and don't need us somewhere else.


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