Sunday, January 06, 2002

Zenpriest #6 - The Death of Marriage

The so-called "Heterosexual family" is a horse so dead that flogging it a bit more is not going to be noticed by anyone, least of all the horse.
I truly do not understand men who are adamant about defending an institution which has a 2 in 5 rate of destroying their lives through divorce and god only knows what percentage of the other 3 simply stick it out no matter how bad it is due to their values.

Marriage was long ago redefined as a temporary contractual arrangement which existed only for the purpose and gratification of the adults involved and was only binding on the male and only existed at the pleasure of the female. The average marriage today lasts 12 years.

Keep in mind that what is being discussed is not just homosexual marriage, but same-sex marriage. Marital rape laws have eliminated any requirement that there be an actual sexual relationship between the partners (along with the radfem's hatred of male sexuality) so the legalization of same-sex marriage will simply knock down the last of the hollow shell which marriage has become.

Personally, I think that embracing same-sex marriage and fully exploiting the benefits of it is one of the best ways to scare the $#$% out of American females and finally mobilize them to stop riding along on the coattails of their feminist sisters and sucking everything they can out of men. Give 2 heterosexual men the right to pool resources, share work benefits, and the same rights as gay men to engage surrogate mothers to bear children for them, and the only thing American women will have left to offer which is unique to them will be sex.

American women have gotten a free ride for far too long - being able to take anything they want from men, including their jobs - while men steadfastly stuck up for the rights of those women to take men to the cleaners. They have done so secure in the belief that men wanted relationships more than women did - because they fell for the whole line of feminist $%#@$#%@.

Same-sex marriages will bust wide open the cult of the moral mother and the presumption of female custody, and force courts to contend with issues other than whose sperm fertilized the egg when awarding child support. Brain-dead judges will no longer be able to sleep-walk to work and check their crib sheet for every case which tells them to "rule in favor of the woman and against the man."

As more and more women assume the traditional male role of the breadwinner, more and more men are going to become "primary caregivers" and they are going to be able to use precedents set in same-sex divorces to force the court to evaluate custody issues on something other than genitalia.

If men play this right, it can turn out for us about the old joke about 2 warring gangs/armies - one side started throwing sticks of dynamite at the other, and the 2nd group started lighting them and throwing them back.

If women had a lick of damn sense they would be in the streets in numbers many times the recent marches for abortion, screaming their heads off against the imminent destruction of their traditional meal tickets.

But, we all know that women don't.

I think [there is a] generational divide at work here. This is why I keep saying that the "save marriage" people are at least 30 years too late.

I am of the generation to whom "marriage" was "for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live." The term discussed in another thread - "starter marriage" - was as nonsensical as "temporary homicide." The marriage vow for men also included "with all my worldly goods, I thee endow." Marriage was a lifelong partnership in which both parties were bound by common interest and mutual interdependence. Most enforcement was social rather than legal, and while it did have some overtones of being a "contract", the biggest thing which made marriages work is they improved surivival and did create the best environment for all members of the family to thrive.

No amount of top-down enforcement can replace that. There is an old joke about why people in small towns lock their cars - to keep their neighbors from filling them with zucchini and tomatoes (in season.) Among people whose value system simply precludes lying and theft, enforcement never enters the picture. By the time it has, social disintegration is so advanced that enforcement fails as often (or more often) as it succeeds.

Real "marriage" is an all-or-none deal. It is like pregnancy - you either are or you are not. The second you go into a partnership of that nature reserving some portion of your resources against the chance of failure, you starve the marriage of what it needs to survive. Marriage boils down to "I give you all of me, in exchange for all of you." And, you never argue about who is getting the better deal because you both value each other and yourselves.

As a practical matter, in this day and age it is virtually impossible to trust another person based solely on their word.

And, all of us are much the poorer for it.


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