Wednesday, March 02, 2005

EOTM: Gender War, Sexuality, and Love - Overview

With all the thousands of books published on the topic of relationships, trying to say something meaningful, and hopefully new, about the topic in the context of the gender war seems nearly impossible. And trying to say it briefly or concisely or succinctly seems even more impossible. However, it is even still more impossible to sit idly by and say or do nothing.

As the 20th century draws to a close, it is hard to imagine a time when relationships between men and women have ever been worse. Sandy Close, writing for the Pacific News Service, quotes a veteran teacher in her article, "Gender War Among Youth -- At the Heart of America's Calamity", that among young people today - "Male-female relations these days aren't love-hate. They're pure hate."

Like World War I, which the naively optimistic called "The War to End ALL Wars", the gender war has become a trench war with the various sides dug in and surrounded by barbed wire. And, like that war, the frontier has moved very little in the past few years. (During the entire first World War, the frontier never advanced or retreated more than 7 miles.) But, unlike that war, this one has dragged on for 35 years. Two generations have been born, grown up, gone to college, and entered the cold hard world of adulthood while the war has dragged on. One almost has to wonder whether this gender war is going to become the "Hundred Years Gender War."

Like the American Civil War, and I suppose really like ALL civil wars, this one is tearing apart families, turning former friends and allies (like spouses) into bitter enemies, consuming a huge portion of the available resources, time, and energy of the citizens, and leaving nothing but bitter destruction and scorched earth in its wake. Marriages are more likely to fail than to succeed. Both sexes are talking about "reproductive independence" from the other. Young people of both sexes hate the other sex.

This isn't about equality. Equality has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Equality never has had anything to do with it.

It is about the intrusion of marketplace values into personal relationships, the purchase of love, and the devastating effects of inflation as the "price of love" has spiraled upward out of control. It is about how sex, love, and people have been turned into commodities and objects. And it is about the clash between socialism and capitalism in the realm of personal relationships.

And it is about hate.

It is about a small group of mentally and emotionally ill women who have been able to sell their personal hate-filled pathology as a universal cultural condition. It is about making women fear and distrust men and men fear and distrust women, more than they already had reason to.

It is about denial of real biological differences which do exist, at the same time it is about denial of the real nature of those differences.

It is about turning would-be allies into enemies, and majoring in minors to turn petty differences into war.

It is about a bunch of disgruntled would-be princesses throwing a fit because life isn't carrying them around on a satin pillow. And it is about men getting sick of dying and being sacrificed for trying to satisfy the aspiring princesses that these men are trying to love.

It is about distorting the entirety of human history which was not particularly kind to anyone, and was full of challenges to survival, and painting the strategies used to insure the survival of the greatest number of people in the revisionist light of victimism.

It is about insanity being sold as sanity.

It IS insanity.

eye of the mind [EOTM] is a male friendly, feminidiocy unfriendly, site dedicated to a real and constructive approaches to bringing an end to the gender war.

In the end, the future will boil down to the answers to two questions:

1) Just how much hate do women expect to be able to dump on men without men beginning to hate back - bitterly?

2) Are there enough women willing to stop hating, and start cooperating with men and taking a realistic look at the actions of women and how they directly contribute to the creation and perpetuation of the complaints of feminism, to turn back the tide of hate and make a difference?

You tell me.