Saturday, March 26, 2005

EOTM: The Ultimate Hypocrisy: An Alleged Movement for "Gender Equality", with a Gendered Name

One of the most remarkable bits of idiocy and paradox contained in feminism is the bogus claim that it is about equality, particularly for a movement which made "gender bias in language" such an early flagship issue. Language got changed so that no reference to "man" or any masculine noun or pronoun was allowed. They even changed the spelling of "woman" and "women" to such absurdities as "womyn" or "wimmin". Yet, they still maintain that FEMININE-ism represents the interests of both genders.

Well, as P.T. Barnum is famous for saying, never give a sucker an even break.

The truly sad thing is that the world has so many suckers in it, and that even those who don't fall for it get sucked in if enough other people do. Implicit in the name "FEMININE-ism", and the way it has been spun into a Trojan Horse for a wrong idea, is the notion that women were "one-down" while men were "one-up." In order to make things "equal" we had to lift women up and tear men down. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like many men, when this whole thing started I thought that women had the better half of the deal already. They were born with social influence that I had to work my ass off to achieve, and the achievement of it was my life's purpose: my JOB as a man.

The remarkable stupidity of human beings, for some reason, kept a lot of people from seeing how neatly FEMININE-ism tucked itself in behind social beliefs and values which it claimed to be fighting - mostly the moral superiority and fragility of women. Men's sex drive and desire for women used to be merely shameful, now it has become criminal. A man who slept with a woman that he didn't eventually marry used to be just a cad, now he is a "date-rapist."

The destruction of society which feminists like Sum Bitch set out to accomplish required the replacement of old social constraints on sociopathic behavior by men with new legal ones. And, based on the primary myth of FEMININE-ism, i.e.that men, as a group or class, had more power than women did, those constraints were not applied equally to women. Of course not! FEMININE-ism could not possibly advocate anything which was against the interests of any individual woman, because FEMININE-ism is the advocacy for the FEMININE point of view, desires, and interests - regardless of situation, results, or consequences.

In short FEMININE-ism is about it always being the way that the woman sees it or wants it, not about equality, not about fairness, not about anything it claims to be about.

Anyone who falls for it is dumber than dogshit.

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