Saturday, March 19, 2005

EOTM: Boycott the Bashers

Fight back. Just say no to products that bash men in their advertising.

Boycott VD (that’s Valentine’s Day)

Boycott makeup and jewelry (ie woman who wear them)


We all know what matters most in the good old U$A these days. Bucks. Moolah. Cash. Capital. The high and holy "quarterly earnings." Commericalism has been drifting for years into a increasing use of anti-male imagery in order to pander to its primary consumer base: women. Men are portrayed as stupid, targets of violence, subhuman, and often reduced to the status of walking wallets to be emptied for the gratification of women. Fighting the relentless anti-male juggernaut is often beyond the means of the average working stiff trying to earn a decent living. The most organized and motivated resisters are the Father's Rights Groups, but they require time, money, and often lawsuits which drain and overtax both.

But there is something any and every man can do to penalize and hurt the companies, and industries, which profit from defaming men: JUST SAY NO to their products. Boycott both individual companies which use man-bashing ads - ones which portray men as stupid, dehumanized, or the target of violence, particularly sexual violence like a kick in the balls - and entire industries which exploit men directly, like the jewelry and florist industries, or indirectly like the makeup and fashion industries. (By this I mean boycotting WOMEN who wear them. No, I'm not asking you to give up your eyeliner, guys.)

I would also heartily endorse staying the hell away from rogaine and propecia, but that is always an individual choice.

Boycott Steven Spielberg

"The Color Purple" is one of the most man-hating movies ever made. The black male lead is portrayed as maliciously lording what little power he has over the only person(s) with less "power" tha he has. The character of men is portrayed as universally vicious until they are overcome and "humbled" by women.

Spielberg has grown quite rich providing "popular" entertainment, but abuses the male portion of his audience by ruthlessly exploiting cheap sensationalism to fuel anti-male sentiment. In a culture where women view make-up and fashion advertisements as "society telling" them how to act and look, we must realize that anit-male propaganda hidden in entertainment will be interpreted as "society telling" women that men are violent, abusive, and exploitive.

Do not support anyone who pushes these messages by making them richer.

Boycott VD (that’s Valentine’s Day)

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