Thursday, March 10, 2005

EOTM: Hard Analysis

Hard Analysis Sites:

All around the net, and to some small degree of print media, current social conditions are being subjected to some very hard analysis.

While I do not necessarily agree with every little thing said on these sites, I do agree with a lot of it, and particularly with the principle of gathering information and coming to one's own conclusion rather than just accepting what the media and the government force feed us.

Andy Turnbull – “The Cassandra Papers” - The name says it

Kack Kammer: If Men Have All the Power, How Come Women Make the Rules?


Exceptional Hard Analysis Articles:

Here is a collection of articles which clearly and unambiguously describe one aspect or another of current social conditions.

David Shackleton:
The War Against Men
Feminism Exposed: Our blindness to feminine evil

Erin Pizzey:
How the Women’s Movement Taught Women to Hate Men

Jean Sonmor:
Feminism Led to Masculine Rage