Saturday, March 26, 2005

EOTM: An Open Letter to Women

"In the beginning, there was the "Battle of the sexes", and it was bad enough. Then, on the end of the 2nd millenium, woman made "Gender War" on men, and they looked at it, and it was worse. "


To all women: The lot of you can go to hell.

Amidst all the lies, gnashing of teeth, blame and counter-blame of the gender war, one simple fact remains - men's participation in the culture is voluntary. While a huge body of laws exists to enumerate the things we are prohibited from doing, only a few exist which require us to *do* something. The voluntary and enthusiastic participation of men in this culture is one of the reasons for the vitality it once had. It has taken a long time to beat down the spirits of men who would still love to participate and contribute, but the unrelenting war against men waged by the feminists for the past 35 years has finally managed to do so.

As all the dog-faces, grunts, and foot-soldiers in any war know, the generals will keep throwing men's bodies to be blown apart long after it has become clear that the battle is lost and the war cannot be won. Everyone has lost this stupid war waged and declared by spoiled, indulged, and not-very-bright children against the very people who spoiled and indulged them.

Far from the mythical "backlash" that the paranoid hate-mongers have used to breathe one last breath of life into their movement of error, the real counter-attack is that men have begun to back OFF. The boomer generation is now past the point where the biological imperative to continue the species drives men to seek out women and court their favor. The relentless exploitation of women's built-in power which they inherit with their physiology has left an entire generation of men at middle age with no reason whatsoever to think the least bit kindly toward women, and even less reason to seek them out. Forced to adapt to lifestyles without women, against their wishes, many men have managed to do so and found an unexpected freedom in the priestly lifestyle.

No longer forced to sell themselves into wage slavery in order to support the consuming habits of the bottomless pits that women have become, these men are free in a way that no group of people has ever been: they can participate in the culture, or not, as they choose. Freed from the relentless exploitation of them to extract the $$$ that they buy with hours of their lives in order to feed the vast cancer of unlimited consumption, these men gain back the only thing that is truly theirs to begin with: the hours of their lives.

These men are deserters from the gender war.

Like all deserters in all wars, however, they do not advertise themselves - for to do so would simply make them targets. Quite the opposite, these men go out of their way to make themselves invisible. Far from there being "no good men" as women have been bitching about for years, there are millions of ethical and committed men living their lives without women and refusing to have anything to do with them. There are more never-married men over the age of 40 in the US than the entire population of New Zealand. The number of never-married men in their 30s has more than doubled in the past decade. The percentage of men who have never been married has risen from 25% in 1960 to 31% in 1996. The percentage of men who are single has risen steadily from 31% in 1960 to 42% in 1996. If this were all due to the choices of women, then why have we heard for the past 20 years the uninterrupted laments of women that "men won't make commitments."

As Abe Lincoln observed, you can fool some of the men all of the time, and all of the men some of the time, but you cannot fool *all* of the men *all* of the time. With fatherhood and the simple fact of finding a woman attractive and letting her know about it effectively criminalized by Sexual Harassment, Rape, and anti-male-biased Domestic Violence laws, men who are by nature law-abiding are honoring those laws and giving women as wide a berth as possible. Since they don't want to do the time, they aren't doing the crime.

After hearing from women for years about all the things they aren't going to do for men any more, and adding up all the demands for "more" from women, a simple cost-benefit analysis shows that a lot of men simply can't afford the luxury of a woman, and have opted for a simpler, more spartan lifestyle. Women have made themselves into the Edsels of the new millenium: overpriced luxury products that no one wants.

The legacy of hate sown by the infantile tantrums of women as they embraced their newly discovered history-long victimhood will linger in the culture for decades, poisoning the wells of relationships that they would like to drink from. Having tasted the bitter tainted alkali water of the self-obsessed modern woman, men are moving on to new territory and leaving women behind. All the books about the "plight" of men which seem to be the fad right now, 1999, cannot convince those who have achieved it that a life without women in it is not far preferable to one with them. We have not seemed to be able to stop the hate in more than 3 decades, so it has come time to move away from it.

You can take your demands, and your bashing, and your lies about us, and your hallucinations of a world-wide and history-long conspiracy of men spending every waking moment thinking up nasty things to do to you called "Patriarchy", and all your petty and insignificant complaints about toilet seats and asking for directions, and wrap them all up together and go to hell with them and rot and burn there.


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