Tuesday, March 08, 2005

EOTM: In a Male Voice

These articles are written in a male voice. This means a male focus on the issues, male experience and values reflected, and sometimes "strong" language. If any of it offends you, go away - you don't have to read it.

Men have had 30 years of having women's versions and descriptions of their experience shoved down their throats. Even a major writer on men's issues, Warren Farrell, takes men to task for it. What no one seems to acknowledge is that men have been speaking out for a long time, and often when men do - they are shouted down. Time and again, I have seen men try to say what what their experience was like, only to have it denied and they be told what it was or "should" be instead.

The concerns of women have become so numerous, dramatic, and filled with suffering that it seems the only way men can possibly avoid victimizing them is to avoid them as completely as possible.

Models of Man