Tuesday, March 15, 2005

EOTM: The Lies: Propaganda Used to Demonize a Non-Existant "Enemy"

Lie #1: Men are inherently violent, abusive, and exploitive. Women are universally passive victims who take no active role in violence. If a woman engages in violence, it it because she herself was abused.

Lie #2: Feminism is about equality, anyone who opposes feminism is therefore about equality

Lie # 3: Feminism represents ALL women, and ONLY the best interests of women.

Lie #4: One out of four women are victims of rape

Lie #5: Women make on $0.76 for every dollar men make

Lie # 6: Mothers are inherently better parents and nurturers than men.

Lie #7: Heterosexuality is socially constructed, there is no biological foundation to it whatsoever


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