Saturday, March 12, 2005

EOTM: Confronting Matriarchy

All of western culture is ruled by a vast and invisible matriarchy operating from the shadows so its actions are nearly invisible. The foundations of this Matriarchy are maternal authority and women’s Superiority Complex. From the moment of birth, men are taught to defer to maternal authority. As soon as they enter public school, they confront almost exclusively female teachers whose absolute authority over the classroom is enforced by what few men are part of the public education system. In high school, young males are usually exposed to a few male teachers whose own exercise of authority is quite different from their female counterparts. Male teachers often handle discipline problems in the classroom at a much lower level than female teachers, who tend to escalate matters to male administrators if their hegemony is challenged.

Men who marry usually find their wives expecting the mantle of maternal authority to be simply handed over to them by and from the man’s mother without missing a beat. It sometimes takes many battles for a man to make the point to a new wife that she is his spouse and equal, not his mother. Women who stubbornly insist on being slow learners on this issue set up oppositional and adversarial positions which often will poison the marriage over time. Women expect to be able to make the rules and simply expect men to obey them. Men who assert themselves and demand some degree of regard and consideration for their point of view will often have to fight the battle for recognition over, and over, and over.

When feminists realized that they were about to overthrow women’s own matriarchal power base with their initial anti-marriage and anti-motherhood stances, they did an abrupt about-face and embraced motherhood even more fervently than they had rejected it just a few years before.

Matriarchy has now taken over the court system as feminist "jurisprudence" has replaced objective facts with female feelings as the relevant criteria for determining guilt or innocence. A woman’s emotional state has even become adequate defense against charges of murder, and women have a multitude of emotional defenses, ranging from the abuse excuse to PMS, which literally allow them to get away with murdering men, children, and other women.


Shadow Power

Matriarchy depends on shadow power. It must deny its power and function from the shadows. All matriarchal power stems from the maternal role and maternal authority, and the power to grant or deny sex.

Foundations of Female Power

1 - The Mating Dance - Sexual Power
2 - Maternal Authority - Moral Power
3 - Control of the Education/Socialization system - Indoctrination Power
4 - The Male Protector Role - The Power of Weakness
5 - The Rescue Reflex - Victim Power
6 - Unfair Fighting - Confusion Power Tantrum Power,
7 - Emotional Terrorism and Violence - Intimidation Power
8 - Betrayal - Shock and disappointment Power

Foundations of Male Powerlessness -

1 - Denial of Fear
2 - Fear of Isolation
3 - The need to convince, have credibility, be acceptable, receive validation.

As boys, men are separated from other males, fathers particularly, terrorized and isolated, and told that the only source of emotional sustenance and intimacy for was with women and in sexual union. This places a great deal of power in the hands of women, which is difficult to resist the temptation to abuse.

As men confront the totally changed male and female roles that are the legacy of feminism, women are going to lose a lot of their historic moral power. Confronting the Matriarchy involves shedding light on its workings - naming the vague purpose behind the behavior intended to confuse and obfuscate.

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