Thursday, March 03, 2005

EOTM: The Warning Label: 90 degrees from everywhere and the language ain't pretty.

The gender dialogue has been entirely unbalanced since the 1960s. Men have been demonized, hated, and told to eradicate themselves. Opportunists of both sexes have jumped on the bandwagon of anti-male sentiment and misandry and have been incessant and extreme in their demands that men remodel themselves according to a new social ideal which amounts to nothing more than personal biases and self-centered ideology. Culturally, we have suffered greatly from a glut of worthless opinions and a severe shortage of worthwhile efforts.

Elsewhere on the web, you can find a site entitled "All Men Must Die". There is no link to it from here because I refuse to gratify this immature little harridan's ego any further by boosting the traffic to her site which promotes arrogant hatred and sexism. Nor will you find links to sites talking about the inevitability of "patriarchy", celebrating misogyny, or calling for the repeal of women's right to vote.

What you will find here is intense criticisms of a wide variety of ideologies which underlie the conflicts which have now been elevated to the status of war. You will find contrarian opinions which do my level best to make hamburger out of the sacred cows of both the Right and the Left. If I don't manage to seriously piss off at least one conservative and one liberal each day, I consider the day a total waste. On a good day I also manage to chap the asses of a moderate or two.

My language is plain spoken, blunt, and often profane. If that offends you, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. A site called "All Men Must Die" is clearly a hate-motivated site, but is allowed to continue to promote its message of hate. I claim the same right to publicize my hatred of stupidity.

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