Monday, March 07, 2005

EOTM: The Nature of Things

Foremost among the foundations of femimism is the need to deny nature. The separation of the sex act from the bearing of the children that it produces has produced a culture which devalues all human life: male, female, and child.

The old "mating dance" between men and women has taken an ugly turn. Our bodies are natural creations and our desires do not much listen to "shoulds".

Whether human beings can totally be redefined socially, as the grand socialist experiment has been trying since the late 1800s, or whether their natural origins will continue to assert themselves is still up for questioning.

Biological Basics

It’s About Reproduction and Status: Why Men Go For “The Look” (or seem to think with our genitals at times)

Some Radical Notions on Biological and Social Selection Processes and the Future of Culture

The Feralization of Culture: Building Better Predators


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