Wednesday, March 16, 2005

EOTM: The Rocky Road to True Equality

The road to true gender equality will be long and rocky. The first hurdles to be overcome are feminism and the feminists. Today, the so-called "radical left" and "radical right" have curved around to meet each other and enclose the majority of the population which really agrees with neither of them. The loudest, most strident, voices calling women weak, stupid, and incapable of competing in the world at large are the feminists. A huge industry has sprung up feeding on the carcasses of destroyed marriages like hyenas or buzzards feed on dead animals and road-kill. The professions of lawyers, social workers, Domestic Violence "Advocates", psychologists, and thousands of TeeVee talking heads are breeding like maggots in the decaying carcass of social stability.

How do we accomplish this?

A wonderful example is given in the movie "Dangerous Liasons" starring John Malkovich and Glenn Close. For those of you who have not seen it, it is a period piece set in 18th century France. Malkovich plays a cold and calculating seducer of women and Close plays his female counterpart. Both are thoroughly corrupt, duplicitous, and some would say outright evil. They both use and betray the other. In the end, they both manage to destroy the other in a way that also destroys themselves. Men and women could and should take a clue from this. She tells her fervent young lover of Malkovich's vile acts, and the chivalrous young lad of course leaps the defense of female honor by challenging Malkovich to a duel. Worn and weary from all his own manipulations, Malkovich in the end falls on the young man's sword. As he dies, he hands the lad a bundle of letters from Close which show clearly the depths of her own betrayals. When she next attends the opera, the central social institution in the lives of upper class France in that era, the entire audience, having read her letters and knowing the full extent of her self-serving and vicious manipulation, rises to its feet and boos her out of the theatre.

Women and men must begin to stand together to boo the liars and users out of their social rewards which they gain by using and destroying other people. And, for the present, this will result in more women than men getting booed. Instead of "you GO, girl" when a woman acts viciously and exploitively toward a man, women must give up their peculiar solidarity and begin to boo the bitch off the stage. As men have stood up for women in "Take back the night" marches and by coming out against domestic violence by men, so must women stand up for men against false allegations of rape, sexual harassment, or violence and abuse, as well as against women perpetrators of these atrocities against male targets and children.

Women must begin to face up to the fact that women DO lie, and they frequently do so to gain the advantages which our culture provides in the way of special protections for women. Women must begin to take active and vocal stands against the laws which create such privileges, like the "Violence Against Women Act".

Women must begin to support choice for men (c4m) and realize that if a woman makes the decision to either conceive a child, or to give birth to one conceived as a result of birth control failure, that such is HER choice and that she cannot under a system of equality demand of a male that he support that child if he chooses to relinquish paternal rights.

We are talking about "EQUALITY", right?

Both genders must begin to boo anyone off the stage who stands up and pontificates about "Patriarchy", or whines about "OPPRESSION", or digs through history with a magnifying glass and tweezers trying to create tort and harm out of hapstance and find "gender bias" in random occurances of words in language.

Yesterday died last night. And tomorrow ain't happened yet. We create tomorrow by what we do TODAY, and if we make today either a carbon copy of or in reaction to yesterday, today will become a tomorrow just like yesterday.

He wounds her, so she wounds him. So he wounds her. And the chain of violence continues unbroken.

Women must begin to boo any woman who uses "abuse excuse" and begin to shout at her "GROW UP", "GET A LIFE." They must give up for themselves and STOP accepting from other women the endless stream of excuses why they simply cannot do anything except be helpless and weak and demand that men rescue them.

Men must shrug off the mantle of "chivalry" and stop rescuing women and start letting them suffer from the consequences of their own choices.

And men and women both, must learn the true Art of Loving and stop treating each other like objects.

Women must abandon their stupid fantasies about “romance”, and men their stupid heroic fantasies.

Both genders must work together to establish a level playing field for the generations which follow us.

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